Lynx Lawrence & Mayo associates with Plazma Technologies to bring superior Robotics solutions to India

Lynx – Lawrence & Mayo, one of India’s leading engineering equipment providers in the country, recently announced their association with Plazma Technologies, the market leader in superior Robotics Solutions in India. Lynx has been awarded all India Marketing Right by signing an MoU for the Plazma product range. The association is set to fulfill the growing need for robotics automation in the Indian industry.

Robotic solutions have revolutionized every major sector in India with the sales of industrial robots reaching a record high of 4,771 units in 2018, a 39% increase compared to the previous year. Ranking eleventh in the world in annual robotic installments, Indian businesses are looking for effective robotics solutions to increase productivity, cut manufacturing costs, and multiply revenue. Plazma Technologies is a pioneer in helping companies evolve through the use of innovative and unique robotics solutions, and Lawrence and Mayo’s all India network will become the key factor for Plazma technologies in reaching out to a large customer base and expanding business opportunities.

Speaking about the Joint Venture, Mr. Glenford D’souza, Senior General Manager, Lynx – Lawrence & Mayo said, _We are excited to bring advanced Robotic solutions to Indian industries looking to scale by leveraging the best of technology solutions. And we could not have asked for a better partner than Plazma Technologies for the same. We look forward to a long term, mutually fruitful association that is set to help bring robotics into mainstream industrial process”

With inventive solutions like the RoboPlazma System which allows double side work zone, to adopt multiple job processing capabilities, Plazma Technologies aims to offer greater flexibility of operation. The system is capable of eliminating material handling time and 3D complex job processing with higher efficiency and utilization.

Additionally, Plazma Technologies’ Zbot is a first of its kind, new generation robotic solution manufactured using the highest quality components from Bosch Rexroth – Servo drives, Motors, Controllers and motion elements to ensure high reliability for serving small, medium and large industries. The Zbot design is patented worldwide and is manufactured under the Make in India initiative. Made through the partnership with Bosch, Germany Zbot can be used for Plasma cutting, Laser cutting, Vision inspection, Welding, Grinding, Pick and Place, Marking, Painting material handling. A reliable and safe solution for all included applications, the Zbot solutions allows a company to eliminate material handling time and increase throughput.

Speaking about the association with Lynx – Lawrence and Mayo, Mr. Hughen Thomas, Co-Founder and Chairman, Plazma Technologies Pvt. Ltd., said “The culture of Innovations has now come to the Indian shop floor. Adopting advanced technologies is inevitable. The challenge is, how the Indian industry will learn from global challenges and adapt to efficiency. And this is a need that India must recognize. An aggressive investment climate has been created, however, it cannot be sustained unless deep structural reforms take place. The Indian industry needs to ensure that these reforms are sustainable. For this, it has to upgrade its manufacturing and manpower skills. As the global environment gets more competitive than ever before, an adaptive and flexible technological advancement is the need of the hour.“

The association between Lynx – Lawrence & Mayo and Plazma Technologies will address the issue of increasing competition and how companies can evolve their businesses through robotic solutions. The solution-based range of robotic products will be facilitated and deployed by Lynx – Lawrence & Mayo and managed by Plazma Technologies including the latest RoboPlazma and Zbot solutions.