A Drive for Success

 The story below is of a long journey for Mr. Sanjay Garg with a most beautiful experience and a beautiful outcome: “Yes, I made it and I could do it!” Tears of Joy! Of course, Sanjay started at one point to change, he wanted to, he was consistent, he endured!

Sanjay GargThroughout his life Mr. Sanjay Garg had observed a distinct career path of his father. As a business family he was groomed with the art of doing business. But his zeal to do something different and on his own terms, brought Sanjay to the world of IT and networking. He identified a niche in the market and spotted business opportunities that would fill gaps in the market. The entrepreneur germ prompted him to start his own venture and thus he started “TECHNO SOLUTIONS” a venture in 1999.

Sanjay had completed his three years Diploma in Computer Sc & Engineering from Birla Institute, PILANI and joined a software firm in 1992. During the same time he enrolled himself for a part time MBA program. A self starter and quick learner. Versatile skill set with experience in customer service, sales, new product development and understanding the customer requirement, helped Sanjay understand the potential of NETWORKING. In 1999 with his self earned saving, Mr. Garg( RCTA member) floated Techno Solutions. “My strong knowledge of networking technology and the industry connect helped me build and win clients. Also in the same year I did Passive Cabling Certification course from AMP. Those days there were hardly few certified people in INDIA” Mr. Garg recalls. Techno Solutions got its first break within a few days from HCL Infosystems Ltd as their Networking vendor and this relationship continues till today.

There were two biggest qualities which helped him succeed – His ability to identify key people to help achieve goals and lateral & outside the box thinking. He specializes in solving problems through an indirect and creative approach.

By 2004, Mr. Garg had become a name to reckon in the networking industry. It is due to his dedication and commitment for work that he with his team worked on the task of networking for many banks. For SBBJ alone he worked for almost 1000 branches. A milestone tough for anyone to achieve.

Talking about the period after 2007, Mr. Garg reminisces, “Till 2007-08 we worked from the back end. From 2008 onwards we realized our strength & potential and started on the front end. I remember for AMP I had a paid certification course, but after this I was invited and given free certification courses from Cisco, Dlink, Digilink, Molex, etc. So yes that gave me a new zeal to work. It’s been a very fruitful journey wherein I have worked with companies ranging from private sector like RSWM Group, Ashok Leyland, Bosch to PSUs like NBC, etc. In the government sector also, we have worked for various departments including PWD, etc.” Today Techno Solutions has requisite infrastructure to execute large scale multilocational, across countries projects. Techno Solutions has maintained a CAGR of more than 25% since inception.

The family is both the fundamental unit of society as well as the root of culture. It is a perpetual source of encouragement, advocacy, assurance, and emotional refueling that empowers a man to venture with confidence into the greater world and to become all that he can be. Dr Sita Garg, spouse of Sanjay is a qualified Medical practitioner, who understood that her belief in Mr. Sanjay’s entrepreneurial ability would require a rock solid support at home and she would be needed to devote her full time for the family. As a sacramental decision she became a home maker. Today when Mr. Garg is experiencing success at work and family front, he always rhapsodizes and eulogizes her contribution. Dr. Garg is currently associated with Narayana Hospital since 2012.

Talking about his extended family-his employees, he says, “I have always treated my employees as my assets. The company has reached this stage of success only due to their contribution. I have always maintained direct interaction with them, rewarding them with timely increments, bonuses and incentives. This has resulted in a strong bonding and team work amongst everyone resulting in taking Techno Solutions to its Zenith.”

His hobbies include gastronomical exploration & landscape exploration of the world. Mr. Garg is also an enthusiastic swimmer of the various reefs of the world. As a successful entrepreneur he likes to keep himself updated with current affairs. He is also a social person who believes in giving back to the society and his philanthropic activities range from issues related to upliftment of women to overall development of the society.

Mr. Sanjay Garg can be considered as an icon for all young entrepreneurs who would like to achieve success.

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