LinkedIn launches ‘Contacts’, a new way to manage professional network

LinkedIn Contacts is a personal assistant that reminds you when your colleagues are celebrating birthdays or new jobs. Moreover, the app allows you to view last conversations you had with contacts on the network.

LinkedIn Contacts

LinkedIn has introduced a new web and mobile application called LinkedIn Contacts, which helps users to build and maintain relationships with their current and former colleagues.

LinkedIn Contacts brings in all contacts from users’ address books, e-mail accounts, and calendars using LinkedIn platform. The app will be available on the web via as well as a standalone app for iPhone. LinkedIn Contacts will initially available to select users in the U.S. before global roll-out.

According to a Wired report, LinkedIn will not pull contact information from other social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, as it aims to focus on professional networking.

“Professional networking is so important for our jobs and careers,” says Sachin Rekhi, LinkedIn products lead and the former CEO of Connected, which LinkedIn took over in 2011. “The relationships that we keep become so important throughout our careers. But it is a daunting task to keep up with our relationships and keep track of them.”

LinkedIn Contacts also provides ways to stay in touch with contacts. There’s a reminder feature that is supposed to help you remember talking to former colleagues. Contacts also notifies users when someone in their contacts has birthday or changes job. Users can message them through LinkedIn or e-mail or call directly through the Contacts app. Other notable features in LinkedIn Contacts include a relationship history view and add private notes to contacts’ profiles.

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