Facebook suffers momentary outage, back online now

There are some internet services that are so big and powerful that you just can’t expect them to go down, even for a few moments. And apart from the likes of Google and Microsoft, social networking major Facebook is something no one would expect to crash. After all, a platform that handles more than 1.6 billion active users a month (according to Wikipedia ) has to be fault-tolerant, right?
Apparently, that’s not the case. Just a few hours ago, Facebook suffered a momentary outage. Users in different parts of the world were unable to access the social networking platform for a few minutes. Instead, an error message reading, “Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on it and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can.” was displayed on the website.
As a result of the social networking website crashing, tweets started to pour in from users across the globe. While some tweets portrayed frustration, others were quite hilarious.
The service disruption lasted for about 10-15 minutes, and Facebook got back online again after that. As of now, the social networking service is running just fine. That said, there hasn’t been any word from Facebook regarding the outage.
his isn’t the first time Facebook has gone down. The social networking service has encountered small disruptions in the past as well. However, the longest downtime it suffered was in September 2010, when the social network was inaccessible for a stretch of approximately 2.5 hours.