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Limited Time Offer: Google One Cloud Storage Now Accessible with a Discount Exceeding 70%

Google Drive is currently running a limited-time promotion on its cloud storage plans in India, a move believed to be aimed at attracting new users, particularly in light of WhatsApp’s decision to discontinue its free storage quota in 2024. Google Drive, the cloud storage service offered by the tech giant, is accessible on Android, iOS, and desktop platforms, and the company is rolling out a special discount to kick off the year 2024. While Google offers a range of cloud plans, the most affordable one in India typically costs Rs 130 per month. However, the latest promotion allows users to subscribe to Google One for Rs 35 per month for a limited period, after which the pricing will revert to the standard Rs 130 per month for the entry-level cloud storage tier.

The ongoing limited-time offer presents new users with the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of a Google One subscription at a reduced rate. In India, Google Drive plans start at 100GB, priced at Rs 130 per month. With the special promotion, users can avail the service for Rs 35 per month for the initial three months, after which they will be required to pay the regular rate of Rs 130 per month. Similarly, the 200GB plan is being offered at a discounted price of Rs 50 per month for three months, with the standard rate of Rs 210 per month resuming after the promotional period.

This promotional strategy extends to the 2TB Drive plan, available at Rs 160 for three months instead of the regular Rs 650 per month. The goal of this approach seems to be attracting new users by providing them with an introductory experience of the platform at a discounted rate before transitioning to the full pricing. Notably, this offer is exclusively for users who have never subscribed to the Google One service.

WhatsApp’s recent announcement that users’ storage quota will be counted towards their Google Drive account starting early 2024 has added significance to this promotional move by Google Drive. This major change by WhatsApp implies that more users might opt for paid Google Drive storage as their WhatsApp backups will now consume their Google Drive storage space. The timing of Google Drive’s promotional offer aligns with this critical alteration. Previously, WhatsApp backups saved on Google Drive did not contribute to users’ storage space. While this change is currently in the testing phase for WhatsApp beta users, it is expected to roll out to the broader user base soon.




Google One Cloud storage is now available for all with plans starting at  $1.99-Tech News , Firstpost
Google One Cloud storage is now available for all with plans starting at $1.99

In essence, Google Drive’s limited-time promotion appears to capitalize on the evolving landscape of cloud storage demands, particularly with the impending shift in WhatsApp’s storage policy. By offering discounted rates for new users, Google Drive aims to attract individuals seeking additional cloud storage after exhausting the standard 15GB storage quota. This promotion not only serves as an opportunity for users to experience the benefits of Google One at a reduced cost but also strategically positions Google Drive as a viable alternative in the face of changing dynamics in the cloud storage industry. As users increasingly rely on cloud storage for various applications, these promotional efforts play a crucial role in shaping user preferences and expanding the user base of cloud storage services.

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