Letv leads China with its best-selling Super TV and flagship Super phone Le 1s

Letv, the global internet and technology conglomerate that plans to foray into the Indian market, has achieved remarkable sales success during its recent online shopping spree in China. Following that, Tin Mok, Vice President of Le Holdings Co Ltd. and CEO, APAC credited the outstanding sales achievement to the company’s vertically integrated ecosystem connecting platform, content, devices and application in his speech during the Global Mobile Internet Conferenced (GMIC) in Taipei.
According to the data from AVC (All View Cloud), a market research company, three models of Letv ’s Super TV are among the top 10 best online sales performers in November, having taken 11.8% of the market, almost equivalent to the sum of shares by the next seven TV models. This is primarily due to the company’s excellent sales performance during the 11th November online shopping festival in China which totaled sales revenue of 1.52 billion RMB (US$234.5 million). Letv sold 386,000 units of Le Super TV, raking in 960 million RMB (US$148.1 million) and creating six sales records in the industry.
Letv ’s Speakerphone 1s which was launched at the end of this October beat other smartphones priced from 1,000 to 2,000 RMB (US$154.26 to 308.52), the sales of which ranked the first on Mall, China’s largest e-commerce platform during the online shopping festival. The company sold 433,000 units of Superphones, amounting to 530 million RMB (US$81.75 million) and making Letv a market leader. The top-notch features of Le 1s well distinguish it from other smartphone brands and largely contribute to its sales success. Equipped with the world’s first USB Type-C connector, fingerprint recognition and fast charging technology, Le 1s overshadows the competitors with its stunning all-metal build and innovative EUI system, offering supreme user experience at a disruptive price. Letv is also reportedly testing its Superphones in India, and is expected to launch in the market in January 2016.
Founded by Jia Yueting and Liu Hong in 2004, Letv is a leading multi-national technology conglomerate, best characterized by a comprehensive, vertically integrated ecosystem including platforms, content, applications and devices, which deliver excellent experience through consistent innovation and creative market disruption.