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MSEDCL comes out with solar roof top policy

Under the policy, any LT or HT consumer in MSEDCL’s area who wishes to install a solar photovoltaic (PV) system less than 1MW to cater to all or part of his own electricity load necessity is eligible for getting connectivity of solar panels with MSEDCL’s network.
MSEDCL has put some preconditions for getting connectivity with its network. The cumulative capacity of all the solar panels connected to a particular distribution transformer should not surpass 40 per cent of its volume.
The solar PV installment beyond 40 per cent of electrical device capacity may be allowed upon consideration of detailed load study on the concerned transformer.
A variation in the capacity of the solar PV system would be allowed within a range of 5 per cent.
After the consumer is found eligible and all necessary tests are done, MSEDCL will install a net meter at its own cost .