February 28, 2021

kunhar logo2014-15 is a crucial year for Kunhar Peripherals Pvt Ltd (KPPL). Having announced a steeping growth of 100% YOY, it is definitely a milestone for them – a growth rate which leaves the current industry numbers high and dry. KPPL has achieved many a milestones in its 2 plus decades of existence as it traversed from being an importer – to manufacturer –to distributor – to finally a brand owner. Managing Director, Anil Daryani said “The KPPL team has been working on this for the last couple of months. Each step has been evaluated and re-evaluated to avoid any fall backs on the set target of 60 crore turnover.” Daryani also added “The market will witness a lot of activity as KPPL moves towards consolidating some of its brands, adding new products, geographical expansion and even witness some structural changes in the FY 2014-15. So keep watching for more.”

The focus for the year would be “PowerSafe”. The brand that carries the UPS, Surge Protectors and universal battery adaptors, is all set to encompass the power category including Power Banks, Wall chargers and other power accessories. Artis would continue evolving in the ‘Sound-Audio’ space and so will VIP with its SMPS and Casings. Branding initiatives for higher visibility on the retail shelves, BTL activities and Training as well as incentives for the retail sales team are in the pipeline. Channel being the backbone, schemes and activities are a regular – the focus here would be more awareness of the entire product basket and inculcating the ethical policies followed at KPPL.  “Another contributor to the projected growth will be geographical expansion in South India. KPPL has a strong hold in the Western India region with 15 plus locations.  Currently present in Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat and Karnatake states we wish to expand in Telangana, Semmandara and Tamil Nadu by the end of the year, ensuring a strong base in Southern India.” expressed Daryani.

KPPL continues to bring in “Value for Money” product categories which create a balance between long term life cycle as well as new technology accompanied with unmatched service support for all its customers. Once the product is sold directly or indirectly to the channel or end user, we are committed to service them. The channel, SI as well as the end consumer would witness real time status of the service call along with lot of infrastructure improvements at the service centres as part of service policy changes for the year 2014-15.

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