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Know how Mirasys (India) is using AI & over 500 cameras to safeguard Ayodhya and Ram Mandir

The Pran Pratishtha at Ram Mandir is slated to be a grand spectacle and lakhs of devotees from all over the globe are expected to throng the holy town of Ayodhya for the consecration ceremony. All measures are being taken to ensure zero loopholes in the security and Mirasys (India), an AI-based video surveillance & analytics leader, is playing a pivotal role in ensuring the same. The company has deployed its AI video surveillance systems on more than 500 cameras across the premises and perimeter of Ram Mandir and other key points across Ayodhya, safeguarding all the entrance and exit points.

With centralized access, the cameras are equipped to provide a complete 360-degree view videos of all critical crossings, offices, establishments of the towns as well as the main gate of the Ram Mandir, the perimeter, the entry and exit points of the Ram Mandir. The capability of this unified AI enabled platform helps data feeds coming across the holy land of Ayodhya with multi-tiered encryption between the cameras and the integrated command center to multiple viewing stations across, nullifying any hostile attack and data tampering.

These surveillance devices further enable high-definition zoom-in, with utmost clarity, to identify even the smallest of objects and recognise faces correctly. The AI-powered technology deployed by Mirasys (India) would further ensure efficient crowd management and estimation.



four surveillance cameras mounted on the pole to oversee construction sitesee also:

Arindam Das Sarkar, Managing Director, Mirasys (India) elaborated how his company is leveraging technology to provide security ensuring data privacy, “With the consecration ceremony at the Ram Mandir, Ayodhya is slated to be one of the world’s most visited holy towns, witnessing influx of lakhs of pilgrims from all over. It is a matter of pride for Mirasys (India) to help enhance the security across the town, along with encrypted data, leveraging AI-powered unified Video Management Surveillance Technology. From hundreds of cameras all around and facial recognition system to crowd estimation and threshold alerts, queue management, hourly to daily devotee count etc, the Pran Pratishtha also marks a smart transformation of Ayodhya in terms of security, with cutting-edge AI Video Analytics and surveillance tech.”

AI will play a great role in boosting the security of Ram Mandir and Ayodhya city. Even as the AI integrated platform will ensure that no corner of the city is left out of the ambit, crowd management becomes as important.AI based surveillance would equip the security personnel and authorities to notice even the smallest of disturbances for swift and timely action. Real time analysis of any threats or security lapse will be monitored to ensure smooth functioning of the event.

Serpentine queues for the coveted darshan is expected to continue in Ayodhya, and the AI-based system deployed at the temple would play a major role in effective management of the same. For example if an area is designated to accommodate only 1000 people, officials concerned would be informed if the threshold is crossed under any circumstances, thereby avoiding the possibility of a situation like stampede. The data will be stored at a central location, which can be accessed by authorised personnel only, further ensuring that the data does not land in wrong hands.

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