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How to improve residential security management with help of advanced security systems and solutions

The uncertainty breeds insecurity in homes and residential spaces, where security is often a neglected subject. A question lingers in every householder’s mind. How to enhance the security quotient of homes?  There are no quick fix solutions to such a complex matter, but advanced physical security systems can provide help in securing residential homes and properties.

The convergence of IoT enabled systems and AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications are transforming the role of Residential Security Management into a more intelligent and proactive function. In addition, the new generation of homebuyers are, often influenced by their continual exposure to new technologies and solutions. As a result, homes with a high level of automation and Internet of Things (IoT) technology are a growing trend. In Real Estate Sector, the security management has become the mission critical operation for Gated Communities, Elegant Skyscrapers and Super Specialty Condominiums.  A sense of security has always remained the most preferred factor for the customers irrespective of scale of the real estate project. 

Now residential security is gaining prime importance in the real estate sector due to various factors including customer demand. The advanced physical security system has helped the residential buildings in prioritizing security in these uncertain times. 

Prioritizing Security

Today security has become the biggest unique selling point (USP) and key differentiator for real estate properties. The real estate vertical across India is experiencing a big surge in demand for electronic security systems and solutions due to rising security concerns and enhanced security awareness. The leading real estate companies and developers are giving top priority to security systems in their projects. The Indian Real Estate industry’s key stakeholders have realised that the value of security and secured premises is a big brand aggregator for customers. Now Real Estate developers are increasingly focusing on state-of-the-art security systems due to customers’ demand. Now the time has come, when the customer is looking beyond amenities. They are positioning security as a unique selling point. The residential segment of the real estate sector is buzzing with demand for integrated security solutions based on advanced AIoT applications.

Importance of security design

For a more robust security planning while selecting the building security system, one needs to do the security survey of the building. There is a need to move a step further into the realm of advanced electronic security systems and solutions. The first step is to plan the building security project with the help of a trained Consultant and System Integrator to select, install and manage the electronic security systems to mitigate the physical security risks. While selecting a building security system, one must check the security system on the parameters of technology, components, availability, and viability. The technical specifications of Security Systems (Video Security Cameras, Access Control, Intrusion Alarm, Perimeter Security, and Inspection Products) must be verified. The project contract, budget, price, service terms and warranty, needs to be checked. The standard operating procedure for providing the residential security solution involve comprehensive site security survey by a professional system integrator. Ideally, an expert consultant should supervise the project to avoid technical mistakes.

Understanding Tech Applications

The emerging trends are moving towards an all- inclusive technological upgrade in the form of home automation via Internet of Things (IoT) and myriad of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. Significant changes have shaped the security industry during the last decade, and innovations that are more exciting should be expected in the near future. Emerging technologies and applications – such as multi-dimensional perception, AIoT, UHD, low light imaging, artificial intelligence, and cloud technology – open new possibilities for the security industry. The innovative AIoT based integrated security systems (Video Security Systems, Access Control, Intrusion alarm, Perimeter Security and Home Automation) are helping residential security to evolve to the next level. 

Choosing Right Security Systems

There are bespoke residential security solutions available as per the requirement in the market. One can choose the latest AI based cameras with many value added features and analytics. The other option is IP based Video Security Cameras or Analog HD cameras as per the budget. In this category Smart Hybrid ColorVu and AcuSense Camera offers best-in-class products. For the residents Video Door Phones (VDP) are very helpful to ensure the security of the family. The Touch-Free Facial Recognition Based Access Control Terminal (FRT) is a trendy device in the residential segment. The good old burglar alarm is still a very popular and must have security device for all types of residential houses, now it is termed as the Intrusion Alarm. It is available in wired and Wi-Fi variants. To match the aspirations of smart and sustainable living, there are many security solutions available for the residential real estate sector. 

Preventing Security Breach

The perimeter Security systems are a good option to protect the perimeter of a large residential building, bungalow or a gated community. Now people prefer Video Security Cameras for value added solution to detect the perimeter breach. It offers the alarm notification with intruder’s video in real time. Hikvision’s AI enabled AcuSense cameras are equipped with advanced detection technology that goes beyond simple video security monitoring. They use intelligent algorithms to distinguish between human, vehicle and other movements, significantly reducing false alarms and increasing monitoring efficiency. 

Improving Security Inspection

The enhanced and upgraded security inspection is the latest development in the luxury residential sector.  The security screening, physical checks and verification of visitor is part of the security protocol in this segment.  The security inspection systems (Door Frame Metal Detectors (DFMD), Hand Held Metal Detector (HHMD), X-Ray Baggage Scanners and Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) are the best preventive residential security inspection solutions. There are security radars, ANPR Cameras and speed detection cameras for ensuring the high level of security to the residents. Further to these advanced security systems, there are building automation systems, health monitoring of systems and life safety solutions are adding value.  

Security Matters Most

In residential properties of varied types and categories, the security considerations are different as per requirements of residents. The most important factor is the security of the residents; it needs a professional approach to handle budget, planning, proof of concept and installation. Further to this residential security management plan requires effective risk mitigation and regular audits.  In the nutshell, it is important to ensure that your home or residential property has adequate security system to mitigate protect your family and loved ones. The money invested in residential security should be beyond ROI considerations as every human life matters and assets need protection.

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