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Fortnite’s Owner to Get it Back in Apple’s App Store

On 13th August, Apple removed an online video game, Fortnite from the apple app store. The measure was taken due to Fortnite’s owner released an update that has been known to dodge revenue shares with apple.

The owner of Fortnite will persuade the judge to force Apple to restore the online video game in the apple’s app store.

The multinational company does not permit its users to upload applications from anywhere but its App Store. Looking at the conditions, the epic battles is trying to challenge the company of taking a 30% money spent on the applications by the users.

Further, the company is putting its importance on selling digital content and subscription services to 1+ billion people around the world. It is doing so by using systems that are powered by the iOS operating software.

It has also brought app makers into the light where they have started to believe that the policies of apple’s app store are monopolistic.


Image from Apple

Several app makers have also created a coalition to give new terms and conditions by google and apple.

Google has a Play Store for downloading different apps according to one’s need and it is operated in Android devices, plus the company takes a commission as well. But unlike apple, google allows its user to have apps from other platforms as well.

The newly formed Coalition will help in having legal and regulatory changes for the app stores which will serve as a gatekeeper.
The move arrives within rising criticism about fees and t&c which are imposed by the application stores.
A hearing slated for Monday before a federal judge in California will focus on whether Apple should be compelled to put Fortnite back in the App Store while an overarching lawsuit plays out.

Although, the judge earlier rejected an emergency order as requested by Epic battles. But the video gaming company did not stop its fight against the technology company, Apple.

Fans of Fortnite who use apple software are no longer accessible to use the new updates regarding the game updates.