Is data safe on Social Media ?

Online communities have existed since the invention of the internet. First there were bulletin boards and email lists, which gave people around the world opportunities to connect, to communicate and to share information about particular subjects.

Today, social networking websites have greatly expanded the range of possible interactions, allowing you to share messages, pictures, files and even up-to-the-minute information about what you are doing and where you are..

Although these networks can be very useful, and promote social interaction both online and offline, when using them you may be making information available to people who want to abuse it. Think of a social networking site as being like a huge party. There are people there that you know, as well as some that you don’t know at all. Imagine walking through the party with all your personal details, and up-to-the-minute accounts of what you are thinking, written on a big sign stuck on your back so that everyone can read it without you even knowing. Do you really want everyone to know all about you?

Remember that social networking sites are owned by private businesses, and that they make their money by collecting data about individuals and selling that data on, particularly to third party advertisers. When you enter a social networking site, you are leaving the freedoms of the internet behind and are entering a network that is governed and ruled by the owners of the site. Privacy settings are only meant to protect you from other members of the social network, but they do not shield your data from the owners of the service. Essentially you are giving all your data over to the owners and trusting them with it.

Social Media and Internet are now an integral part of our life. We all are using internet and social media sites on daily basis. When we are using it, we connect with a particular site and personal likes will be shown on that site. When we create a account on a particular site, site will ask for safety and security features and to agree to the terms and conditions. Everyone want to secure his account from all kinds of threats like hacking, password security, messaging, chatbots.  We try to create strong security password. We hope that our password’s strength is strong and usually we are supposed to change our password time to time for better security of our personal data because no one likes when anyone interferes in his or her personal life without consent.

People think that on social media sites and applications our data is safe and they are supposed to keep our data safe and secure. But in reality we might be wrong. Because we don’t know that many social media platforms use our personal information and data and might as well share it with others. This is shocking but it’s true. There are many sites that ask for number or email address from you or to share other information when you open the page and the data that you liked on particular page is automatically showing on every other website you visit and you might as well receive mail, notification regarding the same.

The app is keeping an eye on our device to know more about us. It’s unbelievable that how is this possible because no one have any rights to share our personal data and to use it for other purposes. Applications have a profile based on everyone’s like dislike, daily routine life.

When we are create a account or install a particular app. We have an option to allow all notifications for the app. Some type of information is as follows:

Device Information: The app knows that in which device, mobile, computer you are logging in your account and how much storage left in your device, your contact list and about your photo gallery also.

App Information:- It’s difficult to believe that applications have information about your device and other applications as well  like how many apps are in your device, how much time you give for internet or a specific app. These sort of information and database are kept safely for every user.

Device Connection:-  Apps also know about your phone network, wifi connection that you are using to access this app. Apps also have information about user location through GPS system.

Camera information:- Many apps suggest new fitters and features for your photo. This leads to that apps also keep an eye on your camera and microphone. Maybe.

In today’s world where we are completely surrounded by technology, technology that we might not even know how it works or how it is exploiting us. But we all can take some steps to secure our data and to make sure it is not misused. Firstly, we’ll have to stay aware and cautious at every step. We just can’t and shouldn’t agree to and press yes or okay at every installation process.

Tarun Taunk