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IT Voice Interviews Mr. Suresh Balaji, National Sales Head, India

Jahnavi– Considering Alogic is dedicated to making products that help realize the true potential of technology in making our lives simpler and efficient every day, how do you aim to do so in general?

Suresh– With the rise in hybrid work set-ups, hotdesking requirements, and increased awareness in the end-user-computing space, technology is evolving at a higher pace. Alogic continues to bring innovations to tech solutions that enhance every users’productivity. We spend thousands of hours understanding the needs and the passion of today’s dynamic user-base. Our products are designed based on thorough research, consumer feedback and their local preferences.


Over the years, Alogic has created strong brand value based on our long term vision, value-driven approach based on trust, innovation and our commitment to excellence. Our products range from Wall Chargers and Wireless Chargers to Docking stations, Display Monitors, Ergonomics and mobility products in end-user-computing space at home, office or on-the-go. These products are specifically designed keeping in focus the requirements of modern professionals resulting in enhanced productivity. Alogic products offer the best connectivity solutions to extend the landscape of a small laptop screen to a multiscreen display set-up making muti-tasking simple, our ergonomically designed laptop stands offer comfort and best viewing angles, our superior wall, car and wireless chargers offer best device charging ecosystem at home, office, car or on-the-go. 


JahnaviAre there any long term goals for the company which needs to be achieved by 2030? If yes, what are they?

Suresh– ALOGIC currently has presence across 28 countries globally. By 2030, we are committed to grow our presence and operations in all major countries across the globe along with expansion of our network of vibrant and skillful professionals with a passion for technology and resonation with company’s vision and mission. We are also committed to expand our range of products and segments within the end user computing space in India.


Jahnavi– What are the marketing strategies followed by Alogic?

Suresh– Our Marketing gamut includes 360 degrees marketing mix of Digital Media, Public Relations, CRM, Events, Sponsorships, Direct Marketing and Trade Marketing. We believe in Including credible and genuine projection of consumer feedback in our communication, largely and that is why our presence in media globally, is quite strong with authentic feedback and product reviews.

Jahnavi – What all are the core or rather major services provided by the company and what are the major products being made and produced by Alogic?

Suresh– ALOGIC is working towards providing a complete IT Solution to our end-user, our product range consist of IT peripherals and end user computing products, that includes –

Docking station – Display Link / Thunderbolt/MST/Hybrid
Mini Hubs – Multi-Port
Wall Chargers – 17W – 165W with multiple ports
Travel Chargers – Portable, pocket-size, high powered
Wireless Chargers – Charge 2-3 devices at once, wirelessly

Jahnavi– What are the mission and vision of the company?

Suresh– Our Vision is to create superior products that help realize the true potential of technology and making the use of technology simpler and more efficient for consumers and businesses.

Every ALOGIC product from docking stations to cables and mobility solutions is the outcome of our dedication to delivery excellence. Our mission is to empower our users with tech solutions that keep them ahead with enhanced productivity and bring ease in their work life.

Jahnavi– What are the core values of the company?

Suresh– Trust, Integrity, Accountability and Honesty in all Trade and Consumer Relations. 

JahnaviWhat all E-waste Policies are followed by Alogic?

Suresh– We have tied -up with the M/s RECYCLICO WASTE MANAGEMENT for the collection of all E-waste on PAN India and disposes the same at their plant. Customers can reach or call on 18003099943 . Our representatives explain to them the process of disposal and make them aware of the nearest drop point available to drop the e-waste also give information about incentives we will offer to them against their end-of-life product. If any customer wants to hand over the material from their doorsteps, we do send either our logistics team or the E-waste Solutions team to collect the items and channelize the same to our e-waste partner plant for final processing.

Please read more on our E-waste policy here- https://in.alogic.co/e-waste-policy


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