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In conversation with Mr. Sudeep Roy, Sales Director, EPOS India


Jahnavi – What according to you is The Future of Audio Technology in India?

Sudeep– In the rapidly evolving technological landscape, the future of audio technology in India is poised for remarkable growth. The popularity of wireless audio and video solutions like our ADAPT, EXPAND and VISION series align perfectly with the changing demands of consumers. As people become more health-conscious post-COVID, audio technology offers a unique avenue for enhancing mental wellbeing. The convenience, portability, and improved sound quality of wireless headphones make them an ideal companion for various activities. Moreover, as businesses adapt to the growing popularity of remote work, audio technology can play a crucial role in addressing issues like productivity and employee satisfaction. With these factors in mind, the Indian Audio Industry is primed for exceptional growth in the coming years. The trajectory of digital audio technology certainly appears promising.

JahnaviWhat are the Trends and Innovations Shaping the Industry?

Sudeep– In the dynamic landscape of audio technology, various trends and innovations are shaping the industry with a strong focus on communication. One significant development is the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning into the realms of audio and communication engineering. These advancements are revolutionizing how audio audio engineering and communication are approached. 

Another notable trend is the rise of immersive audio technology. This pioneering approach creates a three-dimensional auditory environment that envelops the listener, enhancing the overall audio experience in communication contexts. Leading technologies like Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D are spearheading the creation of immersive soundscapes, not only in scenarios involving live sound but also in communication settings. This technology enables sound engineers to craft engaging and lifelike auditory experiences, drawing listeners into the heart of the sound. Its impact extends beyond traditional media, finding applications in fields like movies, video games, and virtual reality, thereby enriching communication-oriented experiences.

As the industry continues to evolve, the convergence of AI and immersive audio has the potential to redefine how we perceive and interact with audio content within communication contexts. This ushers in an exciting era of innovation and creativity, placing communication-focused advancements at the forefront of audio technology’s transformative journey.

Jahnavi– How do you think the unlocking of the Indian market will affect the industry?

Sudeep– The unlocking of the Indian market is poised to have a profound impact on the audio technology industry, shaping it from a communication perspective. The surge in demand for audio equipment and solutions due to the reopening of public spaces and entertainment venues, along with the adoption of hybrid work models necessitating seamless audio communication, will drive the need for cutting-edge audio technology. Moreover, audio technology will prove essential in the realm of e-learning, virtual events, and conferences, enhancing participant engagement and communication. The unlocking of the market will raise consumer expectations, pushing companies to innovate and deliver superior audio products to a more informed consumer base. This, in turn, might attract global audio technology players to invest and expand, fostering increased competition and collaborations, ultimately providing consumers with an array of enhanced products and services. Furthermore, the market’s unlocking could spark local innovation, encouraging Indian startups and innovators to tailor audio solutions to the specific demands of the Indian market.

JahnaviWhat are the strategies used for expanding the audio technology products in India?

Sudeep– Expanding audio technology products in India involves a multi-faceted approach. This includes tailoring products to cater to specific customer segments, forging partnerships with local distributors and retailers, and executing localized marketing campaigns to resonate with Indian preferences. Adapting products to suit the market’s requirements, offering competitive pricing, and educating customers through workshops and online platforms are essential strategies. Incorporating features that address unique Indian needs, along with robust after-sales support, further enhances market penetration. By integrating these strategies, audio technology companies can successfully navigate the Indian market and ensure widespread adoption of their products.

JahnaviHow can anyone tend to enhance the experience of the user by integrating the audio technology into Indian Audio and Video Collaboration electronics in general? How would you say you have done the same?

Sudeep– At EPOS India, our commitment to enhancing user experiences within Indian Audio and Video Collaboration electronics is evident through the integration of cutting-edge audio technology. We’ve harnessed the power of unique algorithms and acoustic technologies, founded on world-leading psychoacoustic research conducted by the Demant Group. Under the EPOS BrainAdapt™️ banner, our products, including the ADAPT 660 and ADAPT 660 AMC headsets, are built to replicate optimal and natural conditions for the user’s brain to interpret sounds. This innovation not only enhances performance but also reduces cognitive load, resulting in improved recall and reduced listening fatigue during virtual meetings.

Our BrainAdapt™️ technology is rooted in rigorous research, specifically conducted at the Centre for Applied Audiology Research (CAAR) at Oticon, Denmark, one of our sister brands renowned in hearing aids under our parent company Demantgroup.. Pioneering studies involving pupillometry tracking, speech recognition performance, and subjective ratings for pre- and post-load tasks were undertaken. We demonstrated the tangible benefits of our passive damping technology, showing that damping specific frequencies of disruptive noises leads to lower listening fatigue during extended virtual meetings. Our research highlighted remarkable improvements in users’ memory recall, with an impressive 10% enhancement, reaffirming the effectiveness of EPOS headsets in reducing listening effort, enhancing memory retention, and elevating word recognition levels. Through our BrainAdapt™️ technology, we’ve translated research-driven insights into tangible benefits, delivering an unmatched audio experience for users in the realm of Audio and Video Collaboration electronics.

JahnaviWhat do you think is the role of audio technology in Indian communication as well as the collaboration?

Sudeep– Audio technology plays a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of communication and collaboration in India. In a rapidly evolving digital era, effective communication is indispensable across various sectors. Audio technology enables clear, immersive, and seamless communication, enhancing the quality of interactions and fostering better understanding. As businesses adapt to hybrid work models, audio technology facilitates virtual meetings, webinars, and conference calls with unparalleled clarity, transcending geographical barriers and ensuring efficient collaboration. Moreover, in an education sector embracing online learning, superior audio quality empowers educators to deliver engaging content to students. At EPOS India, we recognize this significance and have engineered innovative solutions like the ADAPT series to elevate the audio experience. By providing cutting-edge technology that ensures crisp sound, minimal disruptions, and immersive communication, we contribute to enhancing the effectiveness of Indian communication and collaboration across diverse sectors.

JahnaviWhat is your personal take on the Indian markets for expanding audio technology? 

Sudeep– From my perspective, the Indian markets offer a compelling avenue for the expansion of audio technology with a strong emphasis on communication. The nation’s diverse demographics, rapid digital transformation, and growing interest in innovative solutions create a fertile ground for substantial advancement. The escalating adoption of remote work, e-learning, and virtual communication accentuates the significance of top-notch audio experiences. As a frontrunner in the industry, EPOS India is uniquely poised to cater to these demands by providing cutting-edge audio solutions such as the ADAPT series. By comprehending and addressing the specific requirements of Indian consumers and businesses, we are positioned to contribute to the evolution of audio technology across diverse sectors. The prospect of enriching communication, boosting productivity, and enhancing overall user experiences within the Indian market not only holds promise but also perfectly aligns with our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in communication-focused audio solutions.

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