March 3, 2021

IT industry to flourish with more than 500 jobs this year in Big Data space

With everyone these days talking about Big data, it has​ ​apparently​ ​Word Cloud "Big Data"become one of the most talked, trended topic on social media. As the whole concept of Big data revolves around Software ,Hardware and Data, IT companies are ​majorly ​developing their service offerings in this space. India being one of the front runners into Big data with a brilliant talent pool who can create magic with numbers, is desperately seeking out opportunities in this domain.

However, the Indian technology sector which was​ ​sighted with​ ​thriving and​ ​enormous job prospects is witnessing pink slips being issued to​ ​1000 of techies in the past 6 months. On one hand, with almost all big software companies including​ ​TCS,​ ​IBM, Dell, Cisco to HP have cut jobs, on the other hand​ ​from Retail Companies to Hotels all​ ​types of​ ​businesses are ​hiring professionals to enhance customer experience and ensure effective sales​ ​while leveraging Big data analytics​.​

​For instance, ​Impetus Technologies, a leading software product development service and solutions company ​​plans​ ​to hire 500 employees in the next 2 years​ in the Big data space​.​ ​Impetus with its strong foothold in Big Data and Enterprise Mobility currently possess 1500+ employees with offices in Indore, Noida and Bengaluru. ​W​ith​ ​Demand and Supply​ ​corking​ ​in Bangalore​​,​ ​the trend is ​likely to be​ ​followed by other ​​cities​ as well​.

Mr Vineet Tyagi, CTO, Impetus Technologies will be glad to provide his inputs on the same.

About Impetus technology Pvt Ltd b

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