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IT firms offering cloud-based services in India

In today’s times, everything can be done with the help of technology. Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, MI, are the buzz words that mean that innovative solutions are being found for everyday problems. Cloud based services are more such innovations offered by IT companies that have changed the way businesses work in India. These solutions can be Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Test and development, Hybrid cloud and multicloud, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as well as data analytics. Following are some companies that offer one or more of these services.

Payoda serves as a digital transformation partner for businesses not only in the BFSI industry but in several other sectors as well. Since the evolution of the dot com era, it has been offering cutting-edge technology with creative engineering techniques and a human-centric approach that makes it simple for consumers to use technology. For instance by connecting several bank branches, AppViewX, a programme created by Payoda, provides central data administration and makes unified data accessible at the click of a mouse. The user’s needs are taken into account when customising other services like experience design, IoT, product engineering, and robotic process automation.

HCL offers companies hardware solutions while the competition focuses on software. The cornerstones of this digital revolution—desktops, laptops, and printers—were without which it would have been impossible to take even a single step. In order to make the move from banks that relied on pen and paper and human efficiency to computers where the majority of things are automated, this hardware company is currently investing in FinTechs, APIs, application modernization, and cognitive computing. It also provides cloud based solutions.

In India, the Mahindra Group is renowned for its value-based services. The business has partnered with Strands, a top FinTech firm that uses artificial intelligence to assist banks develop in all facets of banking. Tech Mahindra, a company renowned for its expertise in business reengineering and consultancy, is pursuing digital transformation. It offers a comprehensive suite that will deliver individualised and secure digital banking solutions. Tech Mahindra plans to use its collaboration with Strands to its advantage by offering data-driven analytics of customer behaviour, which will subsequently assist enterprises in offering only the finest services to end consumers.

Google Cloud:
Google Cloud enables businesses to dream, build, and transform their business in unbelievable ways. One can build apps faster, that will lead to smarter business decisions, and most importantly, help to connect with people anywhere across the globe. It also keeps the businesses connected to their employees, and with the entire data available at one central location, it is easier to use this data to analyse it and further fuel sales, which is the key factor for every business. Google Cloud offers more than 150 cutting edge products including storage, database, analytics, networking, developer tools etc. When utilised smartly they can lead the way to smart businesses.

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