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o9 Successfully Completes a Six-Month Deployment of Its AI-Powered Demand Forecasting and Operations Planning Solutions at TBInternational

o9, a leading enterprise AI software platform provider for transforming planning and decision-making, today announced that TBInternational, a global fashion and textile producer, has successfully gone live with o9’s Digital Brain platform for next-generation demand forecasting and operations planning capabilities just six months following selection.

TBInternational is a fast-growing fashion manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer, supporting more than 15 of today’s highly recognizable clothing and accessory brands, as well as 15,000 retail locations and 100 e-commerce channels. The company’s value proposition to its clients is its high availability, ability to ship orders within 24 hours, and a broad range of never-out-of-stock clothing and accessories.

To support TBInternational’s digital transformation strategy enabled by Google Cloud, TBInternational turned to o9 to continue its growth and its strategy to become a data-driven company, streamline and integrate its planning processes, enhance visibility across its supply chain and automate tasks such as forecasting, ordering, inventory management and production allocation. The deployment, which was led by o9 partners aioneers and Google Cloud, focused on demand forecasting for the manufacturer’s B2B and B2C channels, as well as production and procurement planning. Moving from a siloed and unstructured integrated business planning process gives TBInternational forward visibility and optimized resource allocation capabilities. As a result, TBInternational will benefit from improved forecast accuracy, better demand/supply matching, and optimized inventory levels. Additionally, TBInternational was able to leverage competitive advantages by transacting o9’s solution on Google Cloud Marketplace.

“To continue to meet the expectations of today’s consumers in a rapidly changing market environment, we realized we needed next-generation planning technology that would help us drive more accurate predictions of demand with enhanced forecasting capabilities,” said Johannes Rudenko, Managing Director Logistics & IT at TBInternational. “o9’s future-proof demand forecasting and operations planning technology was the right fit for our needs, and following a swift six-month implementation led by aioneers, we’re realizing significant improvements in our ability to align supply parameters with demand patterns. This will help us better meet customer demand, while optimizing service and inventory levels. Furthermore, this is a key milestone on our strategic roadmap to become a fully data-driven company”

“We are very happy that the joint project team comprising TBInternational, aioneers and o9 experts could deliver as ONE very fast and efficiently to unlock the expected benefits and business goals,” said Thorsten Piehl, Co-Founder and Partner, aioneers. “From day one, we have been able to act seamlessly as a single team regardless of being from different companies and locations. We constantly focused on translating and bridging the business requirements into the o9 platform and striving for the right balance between utilizing o9’s Reference Model and TBInternational’s business model requirements!”

Chakri Gottemukkala, Co-Founder and CEO, o9, said, “We are thrilled to support TBInternational’s digital transformation journey. Using o9’s planning technology to streamline planning processes and improve inventory management, TBInternational will benefit from a reduction in weeks of supply, minimizing excess inventory and associated costs. Additionally, customized inventory alerts will provide the company with timely insights, driving more proactive decision-making and risk mitigation. Delivering rapid time to value to our clients is central to o9’s mission, and we look forward to the next phases of the project with TBInternational.”

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