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Is Sony Developing an Apple Vision Pro Competitor?

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Sony in compliance of competing with Apple's Vision Pro (Image Credits-: PhoneArena)

After the release of Apple’s first AR device, i.e. Apple Vision Pro through their much awaited event WWDC 2023, there have been many speculations going on in the Tech Industry, one of which is precisely the late release of AR,VR technology by Apple, which took them 7 years to launch an augmented reality device. The pricing of the device which is whopping $3,500 has also been a factor of its negative criticism as the industry experts have a belief that the high price will generate lesser sales.

Even after the launch there had been many critical comments and hard-takes from the giants of the industry be it Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg or Tesla’s multi-billionaire Elon Musk, all have had there say about the product. Mark Zuckerberg was seen commenting about the price and its inefficacy to provide any magic solutions thus forwarding the technology.

Another tech giant, Sony has also shown its discern with the new device, as earlier today the news had erupted which stated that Sony has decided to allegedly turn down Apple’s request for more Vision Pro displays. Apple decided to turn towards Sony because it knew that getting support from China based company, SeeYa is certainly a more risk-involved process. The trouble is that these displays are what’s called OLEDoS, or OLED On Silicon, and Sony is currently one of the very few companies making them.

Apple is currently in a mid-way, where the major call for them lies in deciding the number of units they should produce for their Vision Pro, which according to The Elec, is figuring around 1,00,000 to 2,00,000 units only.

Apple’s remaining viable alternative is to consider Samsung Display as a potential supplier. However, this choice comes with its own set of implications. Samsung utilizes OLEDoS displays that incorporate red, green, and blue OLED technology, whereas Sony employs white OLED and applies a color filter. Consequently, if Apple intends to switch suppliers, it would entail modifying the hardware of Apple Vision Pro.

A recent patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment suggests the development of a potential new PlayStation product that integrates augmented reality (AR) technology for gaming purposes. This innovative product has the capability to detect and utilize the user’s real-world surroundings, enabling them to remotely engage in AR gaming experiences. The patent showcases a user actively playing a game through AR technology while remaining present within their current environment.

As of now, the PlayStation 5 lacks any augmented reality (AR) titles, leaving room for speculation that Sony may introduce a new product incorporating AR technology in the future. It remains a possibility that Sony might release a forthcoming offering that embraces the potential of AR gaming in the years to come.

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