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“The Last of Us” HBO series boosts sales of the namesake video game says Sony CEO

The Last of Us (HBO)

The acclaimed video game maker company , Sony Interactive Entertainment has made a claim that the success of their apocalyptic world Television series “The Last of Us” is boosting sales of the game series upon which it is based, in a stand-out case of the group repurposing its popular franchises.

The television adaptation of The Last of Us experienced tremendous success, attracting millions of viewers who eagerly subscribed to HBO Max and followed the show closely every week. However, the impact extended beyond viewership alone. With the release of each new episode, there was a remarkable surge in sales of The Last of Us game on both the PS4 and PS5 consoles.

We could see very, very clearly that every time an episode of that show dropped, that sales of the game increased very dramatically, In fact, we have a mechanism for tracking sales across all networks, so we can see exactly how sales are trending, As for The Last of Us, the number of games sold increased each time we released a new episode of the drama. I think this is a wonderful thing.

said Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan in an investor briefing.

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay in HBO series , The Last of Us (Image Credits-: HBO Max)

The show’s triumph serves as a remarkable illustration of Sony’s endeavors to expand its business ventures beyond electronics manufacturing and establish itself as an entertainment powerhouse encompassing gaming, music, and film industries. Sony has also brought The Last Of Us franchise, which depicts characters struggling for survival in a post-apocalyptic United States, to PC as part of a push to diversify beyond consoles.

While PlayStation Studios will primarily prioritize game development for PlayStation consoles, they will also explore opportunities to expand the video game intellectual properties (IPs) whenever it is suitable.

Video Game “The Last of Us” (Sony Interactive Entertainment)

When thinking about where to expand an attractive IP, it’s easy to come up with an answer about releasing it on PC because it’s all you have to do is port it. What’s more, what about movies, what about dramas? It’s attractive to be able to choose, and I’m very happy that the opportunities to choose are increasing more and more.”

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