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iPhone 12 Mini to Be A Part of This Year’s iPhone Family

Although Apple is busy concocting this year’s apple smartphone family and there is some speculation regarding the addition of the smallest apple smartphone in the new series. The new Apple smartphone will be called as iPhone 12 mini. It is going to be the 4th model in the series of iPhone 12 which is going to be launched in the next month. There have been several products before that were given a mini title before.

A user from Twitter has suggested some clues regarding the iPhone 12 mini’s existence. The twitter handle posted 4 new models of iPhones.

There was also another person shared pictures of an iPhone model’s brochure which after some days turned out to be true. The picture showcased stickers from unreleased silicone cases of the iPhone. One of those stickers had an iPhone 12 mini’s name on it.


Image from Apple

The suggestions also talked about the size of the new iPhone product. Also, the cases had numbers that have not been used by the company until now.

The company is expected to bring the mini iPhone in a size that will be as similar to that of the iPhone SE which was released during this year. Nevertheless, users can expect some differences in price which will help in making the right decision about the buying of products.

At last, it is also reported that the multinational company is going to host a virtual event for the iPhone 12 family in the coming month. That event will proclaim the exact number and names of the new iPhone models.