iPhone 12 and 12 Mini’s Battery Capacities Revealed

iPhone 12 and 12 mini battery capacities have been exposed via Anatel’s certifications. The latest revelation comes between the release of the 12 series in international markets. The Anatel sourced documents also tell that 12 Pro will be produced at Foxconn’s facilities in countries like Brazil, India, and China. Apple has already used Foxconn units in India as well as brazil for making smartphones including iPhone 11.

As per a report the Brazilian telecom regulator has certified iPhone 12 mini in brazil with a battery life 2,227mAh. This is bigger in bulk n comparison to 2020’s SE that houses a battery life of 1,821mAh. The blog also reports that iPhone 12 has been certified with a battery life of 2,815mAh, which is smaller than the battery life of the iPhone 11.


Image from iPhone


The company does not reveal the capacity of the battery of its models. Though, the official listing on the Apple site showcase that 12 mini can offer up to 15 hours of video playback on one charge, which is less than the iPhone 11’s timing of video playback. Nevertheless, iPhone 12 and Pro are rated with the similar seventeen hours of video playback time.

The Battery capacity of both pro and pro max is not known as of now. Although, it might arise sometime around the accessibility of 12 Pro as well as 12 which is set to release on 23rd October in the United States and other original markets.

According to a report, it claimed that the iPhone 12 would be produced locally in India by the year 2021 at a Wistron facility.

In July, the company has started to produce iPhone 11 in India. The Cupertino based firm also makes models comprising XR, 7, 6s, and the original SE.