Clue for Putting Batteries inside OnePlus 8T via Video

The recently launched, OnePlus 8T teardown video has been rolled out by a YouTuber named Zack Nelson wherein he gave details of the smartphone’s dual-battery configuration. The teardown follows a sturdiness test under which the newest smartphone went through difficult scratch and bend tests and under the Mohs hardness scale, it was found to gain scratches at level 6. Previously, the OnePlus 8T was presented as the newest member of the OnePlus family. The phone features quad rear cameras and a hole-punch display.

The teardown starts by conventionally unscrewing over 12 Philips screws. Though, the dual-battery configuration enables 65-Watts of Warp Charge fast charging. This is a vital upgrade over the OnePlus 8 that had a single battery life of 4,300mAh along with Warp Charge 30T support.


Image from OnePlus


It was mentioned that the battery pack looked similar to the one featuring on previous OnePlus smartphones. However, a crease can be seen at the center that portrays 2 dissimilar halves that are packaged as one. Each of the halves has a battery life of 2,250mAh to bring total capacity of battery life of 4,500mAh.

The teardown also revealed that the new smartphone does not have any waterproofing on the speaker, around the USB Type C port, a rubber ring has been warped around to resist water. There are also foam balls that are kept inside the speaker box to assist in bolstering the output of audio. Moreover, the copper cooling system on the mentioned smartphone extends underneath the battery. This may benefit from enhancing thermal management while charging to some extent.