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Introducing Devika: India’s Open-Source Answer to ‘AI Engineer’ Devin

Mufeed VH, an Indian developer, has introduced Devika, an open-source alternative to Devin, hailed as the world’s first fully autonomous AI software engineer. With Devika, Mufeed aims to offer a competitive option to Devin, developed by Cognition AI.

Described as an Agentic AI Software Engineer, Devika possesses the capability to comprehend high-level human instructions, break them down into actionable steps, conduct research, and generate code to accomplish specified tasks. The goal is to provide users with a versatile tool capable of assisting in various projects.

Devika boasts 12 agentic models designed to collaborate and interact in a feedback loop to analyze, research, code, document, and make decisions based on user input. Supported by technology such as Claude 3, GPT-4, GPT-3.5, and Local LLMs, Devika can independently run the code she generates and address errors or bugs without requiring user intervention.

Despite its current limitations compared to Devin, Mufeed, a 21-year-old developer from Thrissur, Kerala, remains optimistic about Devika’s potential. While acknowledging that Devika has yet to match Devin’s capabilities, Mufeed expresses confidence in the open-source community’s support to enhance Devika’s functionalities over time.

Devin made headlines recently when it was introduced by Cognition, a US-based AI startup. Marketed as the world’s first fully autonomous AI software engineer, Devin can undertake complex engineering tasks, make decisions, recall relevant information, and learn from its experiences. Equipped with essential developer tools and a sandboxed compute environment, Devin can collaborate with users, provide real-time progress updates, and adapt based on feedback.

The introduction of Devika serves as a significant development in the realm of AI-driven software engineering. By offering an open-source alternative to Devin, Mufeed aims to democratize access to advanced AI tools, fostering innovation and collaboration within the developer community. As Devika continues to evolve with contributions from developers worldwide, it has the potential to become a formidable competitor to Devin and other proprietary AI software engineers.

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