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OpenAI Unveils New ‘Magic-Like’ ChatGPT Features Today

OpenAI is set to unveil new features for GPT-4 and ChatGPT today, as confirmed by the company’s official X account (formerly Twitter). Initial reports suggested that these features might pose a direct challenge to Google’s search engine, but OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has refuted such claims, stating that the new feature is not a search engine. Additionally, Altman clarified that the launch event would not introduce GPT-5, contrary to speculation.

Scheduled to commence at 10 am PT (10:30 PM IST), the OpenAI event promises to introduce “magic-like” features, as teased by Altman. While specific details remain undisclosed, there is anticipation that OpenAI might enhance ChatGPT’s capabilities to access web pages, potentially improving the accuracy and currency of its responses. Presently, ChatGPT operates with a knowledge cutoff date of December 2023.

Similar to Microsoft’s Copilot and Bing Chat, which integrate chatbots with search engines for providing relevant responses, ChatGPT may receive a comparable feature allowing users to verify information sources through references. Although this information has not been officially confirmed, OpenAI is expected to elucidate the new features during the event.

Coinciding with OpenAI’s announcement, Google’s annual I/O developers conference is scheduled to commence shortly afterward. Anticipated announcements from Google include various AI updates and features of the Android 15 update, such as satellite messaging and a privacy sandbox.

In summary, OpenAI’s event holds promise for unveiling groundbreaking features for GPT-4 and ChatGPT, potentially enhancing their capabilities without introducing GPT-5. As the event unfolds, more details will emerge regarding the nature and scope of these new features, offering insights into their potential impact on AI technology and user experiences. Meanwhile, Google’s I/O conference is poised to unveil its own set of innovations, contributing to the ongoing evolution of AI and technology platforms.

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