February 25, 2021

After Facebook, It’s Now Google Who Is After Mapping App Waze

Bangalore: Search Giant Google, reportedly has revealed their intentions to buy a map software developed by Israeli mobile satellite navigation start-up Waze. However, this move by Google may lead to a possible bidding war with other large tech companies as well as social networking giant, Facebook, which is already in talks with Waze for a bid as much as $1 billion.WAVZ2oEO

Waze’s mobile app uses satellite signals from its users to generate maps and traffic data. The service notifies drivers in potential traffic slowdowns and suggests alternative ways to reach their destinations. It offers real-time traffic information by providing useful mobile alerts such as, road work, speed traps and other potential hazards, using inputs from its users.

Waze offers free service and generates its revenue through its location-based advertising. Its tools can also be availed over the Web.

After Facebook talks with Waze became public, Google and other parties approached Waze for a possible deal. However, none of them is close to clinching a deal which suggests the Startup might decide to remain independent.

If Google decides to adopt Waze’s technology, it can also consider to takeover the Startup, thereby eliminating competitive threats from other companies.