January 24, 2021

Instagram Has Started Rolling Out ‘Highlights’ Emails To Its Users

The online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and Instagramsocial networking service Instagram would soon turn five. Though, it is still young and vibrant, it has started adopting anti-ageing techniques. The popular picture sharing app is getting on board with email.

Instagram has started rolling out ‘highlights’ emails to its users from this month. According to a report published in TechCrunch, the highlights feature would share the best posts from the users you follow via an email.

Such an email is likely to help occasional users interact with the service without even opening the application frequently. Apparently, it also reminds users of the fun they’re missing out by not using the app. An Instagram spokesperson has asserted to TechCrunch that this is the first email service unveiled by the app for its promotion. An unsubscribe button would also be released in the inbox soon, as it is anticipated that not everyone may wish to receive an extra email in the age of spam.