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LinkedIn is testing a video feed similar to TikTok within its mobile application

LinkedIn is currently testing a TikTok-like short-form video feed, as confirmed by the company to TechCrunch on Wednesday. This move aligns LinkedIn with several other popular platforms that have introduced similar features in response to the widespread popularity of TikTok, including Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Netflix.

The discovery of this new feature was first made by Austin Null, a strategy director at the influencer agency McKinney, who shared a brief demonstration on LinkedIn showcasing the new video feed. This feed resides within the app’s navigation bar under a new “Video” tab. Upon selecting the Video tab, users are presented with a vertical feed of short videos that can be swiped through. Users have the option to like, comment on, or share videos, although specifics about how the feed determines which videos to display have not been disclosed by LinkedIn.

While the concept of a short-form video feed is not novel, with various other platforms offering similar features spanning a range of content genres such as comedy and cooking, LinkedIn’s focus remains centered on professional and career-related content. While users have always had the ability to post videos on LinkedIn, the introduction of a dedicated video feed is intended to enhance engagement and content discovery on the platform by providing easily digestible video content for users to browse.

LinkedIn, which is owned by Microsoft, acknowledges that videos have become a preferred format for its users to learn from professionals and industry experts. Therefore, the platform is experimenting with new methods for users to discover relevant video content. However, since the feature is currently in the early testing phase, it is not yet accessible to most users.

The introduction of this feature coincides with the rise of creators on TikTok who have amassed substantial followings by sharing advice and insights on topics such as career advancement, job hunting, and professional growth. LinkedIn’s new video feed offers creators a new platform to share their content and potentially expand their audience reach. There is speculation that LinkedIn may eventually monetize this feature to incentivize creators to share their video content on the platform.

While the new video feed presents opportunities for creators, some users may perceive it as a drawback, particularly if they feel overwhelmed by the proliferation of short-form video feeds across various platforms. Nevertheless, LinkedIn’s move underscores the platform’s efforts to adapt to evolving user preferences and trends, ultimately aiming to provide a more engaging and diverse experience for its users.

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