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Info Edge’s Naukri and 99acres apps removed from Google Play Store

Google Play Store has recently removed Info Edge’s Naukri and 99acres applications due to their failure to comply with Google’s app billing policy for an extended period. This action, reported by Info Edge founder Sanjeev Bikchandani, is part of Google’s broader initiative to enforce its billing policies and eliminate apps from Indian developers that do not adhere to them. However, Info Edge’s matrimony business, JeevanSathi, remains available on the Play Store.

Despite efforts to comply with Google’s app policies following an interim order from the Supreme Court on February 9, Naukri and 99acres, owned by Info Edge, have been removed from the platform. Sanjeev Bikchandani confirmed that all dues to Google had been promptly paid, indicating that the delisting was a consequence of Google’s enforcement of its billing policy for Indian developers.

Meanwhile, the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) has issued a stern advisory to Google, urging the tech giant to refrain from removing apps owned by Indian companies from its Play Store platform. This appeal comes after Google issued notices to at least four Indian firms, putting them at risk of removal from the digital marketplace.

The removal of Naukri and 99acres from the Google Play Store underscores the significance of adhering to Google’s app billing policies, which are designed to ensure a fair and transparent ecosystem for both developers and users. Non-compliance with these policies can lead to serious consequences, including delisting from the Play Store, which can significantly impact a company’s reach and revenue.

Info Edge’s experience highlights the challenges faced by Indian developers in navigating Google’s stringent app policies and the importance of promptly addressing any issues related to billing compliance. It also underscores the need for greater clarity and transparency from Google regarding its enforcement actions and the process for resolving compliance issues.

The IAMAI’s advisory to Google reflects the concerns of Indian companies about the potential impact of Google’s enforcement actions on their businesses. The association’s call for restraint emphasizes the importance of maintaining a level playing field for all developers, regardless of their geographic location or size.

Moving forward, it will be essential for both Google and Indian developers to work collaboratively to address any compliance issues and ensure adherence to app billing policies. This may involve providing clearer guidelines and support to developers, as well as facilitating open communication channels for addressing concerns and resolving disputes.

Overall, the removal of Naukri and 99acres from the Google Play Store serves as a reminder of the complexities involved in app development and distribution, particularly in the context of evolving regulatory frameworks and enforcement actions by platform providers like Google. It underscores the need for developers to remain vigilant and proactive in ensuring compliance with platform policies to avoid disruptions to their businesses.

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