Infinity Blade II, other popular iOS games and apps go free ahead of App Store’s fifth anniversary

appstore-newA number of popular apps and games have gone free including popular games like Infinity Blade II and Tiny Wings. While Apple has not made any official announcement, App Store’s 5th anniversary is around the corner, and the sale could ostensibly be linked with the landmark.

Here’s a list of apps and games gone free until now. It’s not clear how long these apps will stay free, so grab them while you can. it’s likely that more popular apps will go free to celebrate the occasion and we’ll try to keep a tab on all of them and will update this list on a continuos basis, so keep coming back.

Infinity Blade II, the successor to the original Infinity Blade game which has been developed by Chair Entertainment and Epic Games, is now available for free for the first time since its initial release. It normally costs $6.99.

Disney’s popular physics based game, Where’s My Water?, which usually costs $0.99 has also gone free.

Tiny Wings that costs $0.99 for the iPhone version,and its iPad counterpart, Tiny Wings HD which is usually priced at $2.99, have also gone free.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, the adventure game developed by Superbrothers and Capybara Games, is also available free of charge. The game otherwise costs $4.99.

Badland, which is an atmospheric action adventure platform game, developed by Frogmind, has also gone free. The game usually costs $3.99.

Popular journaling app, Day One, developed by Bloom Built, that usually costs $4.99 is also available free of charge.

Barefoot World Atlas, an app that offers an interactive 3D globe for children, built by Touch Press is also free for download. The app costs $4.99, otherwise.

Over, a photo overlay app by Potluck which usually goes for $1.99 is also available free.

Traktor DJ and Traktor DJ for iPhone from Native Instruments have also gone free. The Traktor DJ (iPad) app costs $19.99, while Traktor DJ for iPhone costs $4.99, on other occasions.