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UP Govt Announce Distributing 30,000 Tablets To its burgeoning army of revenue officials, including lekhpals and tehsildars

images (1)After distributing laptops to students and tablets to journos, now Akhilesh led government plans to distribute tablets to government officials!

After distributing laptops to students and tablets to journalists, the Uttar Pradesh government is now planning to give away 30,000 tablets to its revenue officials with the purpose of encouraging governance in a better and more organised manner, atleast that’s what they say!

As mentioned above, the UP Govt led by Akhilesh Yadav government had previously circulated free laptops to about 10,000 to intermediate students in order to encourage them to get higher studies. However, from the 15 lakh plus laptops which were supposed to be distributed among the students, only 79,491 have been given away as of now.

Coming back to the current plan, Anil Kumar, Commissioner and Secretary, Board of Revenue stated, “When a approaches the revenue department requesting any service, his request will reach the lowest field functionary of the department.”

Kumar also added that the total cost incurred in this giveaway of roughly 30,000 tablet PCs that included officials include lekhpals and tehsildars, and the total cost could be around Rs 30 crores. Out of these 20 crores, almost Rs 10-20 lakh will be spent on the software development for the tablets.