March 2, 2021

Zoom to Momentarily Lift 40mins Meeting Time Limit

Zoom has said that it will lift its standard 40mins limit on free video calls for Thanksgiving Day to make it easy for families to spend time practically on the United States holiday. The removal of the 40mins time limit for Zoom meetings will be in effect from midnight on Thanksgiving Day on 27th November.

The 40mins time limit on Zoom will be lifted internationally, which the company has said in an announcement. The impermanent relaxation will be put in place for Thanksgiving Day. The 40mins time constraint has been a major limit on the platform throughout the pandemic, which forces teams to resume the calls after the specified time.


Image from Zoom


Most of Zoom’s competitors have levied the same constraints, including Google Meet and all providers charge extra for enterprise-grade plans that eliminate the limit and expand the no. of participants permitted.

Zoom shot to instant fame during the initial days of the pandemic. Zoom has claimed that it now has close to 300mil users as offices across the world have asked their workers to work from home to limit exposure to the outbreak. The company was further presently directed by regulators to reinforce its security in a planned settlement of accusations that Zoom’s service misled users about its level of safety for meetings.