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Indian Smartphone Market Saw a Growth of 17% Year-Over-Year

Indian smartphone market rose to 17% in the 3rd quarter of 2020 according to International Data Corporation or otherwise known as IDC. It displays that there were 54.3m units shipped during the quarter, which is a 17% YoY growth as compared to the 3rd quarter of the previous year. It said that Xiaomi shipped the most smartphones and experienced a growth of 7.1% YoY, while Samsung came in 2nd with its much more vital growth of 38.1%. This increase in the Indian smartphone market was chiefly because of lesser restrictions between the already happening pandemic and more aggressively priced mobiles.

IDC has noted that ecommerce-retailers experienced an all-time high with a 24% YoY growth, shipping 48% of the total 54.3m units. This was possible due to people who were not as self-assured about going to stores offline due to the pandemic. Although, offline channels further grew 11% YoY as the latest smartphones faced supply restraints in offline stores. IDC has said that the growth in online shopping might upsurge as firms might deliver aggressive pricing and offers at the time of the festive season.

The analysis has shown that the Chinese brand Xiaomi has taken the top spot with the most smartphones that were shipped in the 3rd quarter of the year at 13.5 m units. This was a 25% market share leading to a reasonable 7.1% YoY growth. The next one was Samsung with 12.1m smartphones that were shipped, and it made a 22.3% market share and a much more vital 38.1% growth in units shipped. After Samsung was Vivo at 9m units and 16.7% market share, while Realme had 8m units and 14.7% market share, Oppo with 6.1m units and 11.3% market share. All other brands account for 5.6m smartphones shipped and 10% market share.


Image from IDC


IDC has stated that this growth in smartphones which were shipped in the country is due to the lesser restrictions after lockdowns and the pent-up demand that has been fuelled more by aggressive pricing. The numerous sales and discounts on smartphones, and the capacity to uphold social distancing via online stores, have created an enthusiasm amongst people to shop online.

If we talk about features and prices seen by IDC in the 3rd quarter of 2020, makers presented a larger number of smartphones with quad rear cameras with primary sensors of 48mp or above, more than 64GB of storage options, and larger than batteries of 5,000mAh, while lowering the costs. About one million of 5G smartphones were shipped in the 3rd quarter. When it arrives at pricing, the average selling price is rejected by 2% YoY with 84% of shipments in the sub 200 dollars range. This was due to the smartphones which remain the only device for internet access for a lot of households in the country, which the IDC has noted.

Fascinatingly, the premium segment saw a durable growth of 91% YoY and Samsung, Apple, and OnePlus were the top producers. Furthermore, there were 25m feature smartphones shipped in the 3rd quarter of this year which was a decline of 30% YoY.

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