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Samsung Might Introduce Flagship Galaxy S21 Smartphone

The company might introduce its flagship Galaxy S smartphones more than a month earlier than desired in a bid to grab market share from companies like Huawei and fend off rivalry from big firms such as Apple.

Huawei once confronted Samsung’s top position in the international smartphone market, but the rival companies in china are in survival mode with restrictions from the United States that have choked off its supplies of chips which are used in smartphones and telecom equipment.

The South Korean chip industry officials have hoped that the recent president of USA (46th) will ease some of those limits, even though they are far from convinced as they also suppose they received US administration to preserve a rough stance on China.



The company is seen preparing to introduce its latest Galaxy S21 as primary as late January in 2021, whereas it formerly presented its flagship S20 smartphone in early March of 2020.

Samsung has shipped 59% lesser Galaxy S20 5G series handsets in the US in the 2nd quarter as compared to the former model’s performance in 2019, as per a research firm. In contrast, Apple shipped 15% more of its flagship iPhone 11 than 2019’s best-seller which is the iPhone XR.

Although the South Korean company, which lost its No.1 position to Huawei in the 2nd quarter, recovered the crown in the 3rd quarter thanks in part to the United States restrictions on Huawei. A person at 1 major supplier of smartphone chips has said that Huawei’s stockpiles were desired to run out sometime early in 2021.
Samsung, although, faces escalating competition from Chinese rival companies such as Xiaomi and Oppo, which are wished to take benefit of Huawei’s struggle to recollect market share. Apple further presented its iPhone series in October, about a month later than normal, therefore stepping up a rivalry.

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