March 6, 2021

India reveals its fastest supercomputer

The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) in a recent disclosure has successfully launched India’s fastest supercomputer till date, the Param Yuva II.


The Param Yuva II, which is supposedly the fastest supercomputer in India, ranks 62nd in the fastest computers of the world. This is a leap that will prove out to be a significant one for India.

The Param Yuva II has been through an upgrade and now stands at 524 teraflops which in simple words is almost 10 times faster and reliable than the present supercomputing facilities.

According to CDAC, in terms of power efficiency, the Param Yuva II is better than most other supercomputing systems and if released earlier, then definitely would have achieved the 33rd position in the November 2012 list of Top Green 500 Supercomputers of the World.

Sources say that having invested an amount of Rs.16 crore, the Param Yuva II was developed in a record time of three months.

This superfast system has been designed in order to solve large computational problems that are complex in nature. This move will provide a big opportunity for new scientific endeavors for the research community as the Param Yuva II is expected to act as a supporting pillar in predicting weather, aircraft designing and in finding natural resources.