February 25, 2021

Trend Micro reaches out; benefits for Channel partners

Trend Micro Inc., in a generous bid has announced a variety of schemes for Channel Partners. The partners now are open to a chance of winning incentives and pocket more on the basis of adding points on the buying and selling of Titanium Antivirus Products.


Rajat Sahu, Product Marketing Manager, Trend Micro said that Trend Micro focused significantly on its channel ecosystems as they played a crucial role in making their products and solutions widely available. It was their regular practice to announce various schemes and promotional activities to help partners earn higher rewards. The newly introduced schemes for this year offered numerous prizes on the basis of buying and selling of Titanium Products. This was part of their Channel Empowerment programme in order to enable their channel partners to sell Titanium and Worry Free range of solutions more easily and profitably.

Trend Micro has had a number of schemes set out this quarter for the benefit of their partners. One of the schemes that are available allows, on the selling of maximum units of Titanium Products for the partners to earn a specified amount per unit that they register. The schemes include different formats for System Integrators, Partners and Resellers & Sales Persons.

The rest of the schemes are based on the points added on buying the various Titanium Products. Also, there are specific points that have been allotted for different Titanium Products range and  channel partners stand a chance to gain incentives depending on the points. The scheme is valid up to March 31, 20