March 1, 2021

Shyam Networks Releases White Paper on Enhancing Operational Efficiency of Wireless Backhaul

Monday, 11th Feb, 2013 – Gurgaon, India – In keeping with its focus on innovation to deliver the full potential of wireless, Shyam Networks, a division of Vihaan Networks Limited (VNL), has announced the release of its white paper titled, “Adaptive Coding and Modulation: Enhance Operational Efficiency of Wireless Backhaul”.


Authored by Sapan Goel, Head, R&D, Data and Radio Products, Shyam Networks, the white paper provides critical insights in increasing efficiency of wireless backhaul.

Rising demand for data services and smart phone usage, has multiplied data traffic exponentially and increased pressure on operators. It is therefore critical for them to use spectrum efficiently and increase capacity in wireless backhaul networks.

Commenting on the relevance of this white paper, Sapan Goel said, “This paper explains how Shyam’s RM (Radio Modem) Series radio solutions can help maximize operational efficiency of wireless backhaul networks through Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM). ACM refers to the automatic adjustment by wireless systems to optimize over-the-air transmission and prevent fading that disrupts the communication on the link. The ACM capability can significantly reduce CAPEX and OPEX and offers new economies for the telecom operator community.” he added.

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