We provide security solutions to the Bank branches and ATM’s present in the remotest locations of the country – Mr. Pulkit Punj, Director- AnG India Ltd

In an exclusive interview with ITVoice, Mr. Pulkit Punj, Director- AnG India Ltd, reveals his strategies for business in India…

Megha )- Tell us about AnG India Ltd.?

Mr. Pulkit Punj, Director- AnG India Ltd

Mr. Pulkit Punj, Director- AnG India Ltd

Mr.Pulkit Punj )- AnG India Ltd. is a leading Electronic Security Solution provider, established in 1997. We are one of the first companies to introduce CCTV camera installations in India. Headquartered in Delhi, AnG has 50,000 to 60,000 Pan India Installations. We are currently employing a work force of 500 employees. We are currently running 102 service centres across India. The company has entered into the 50 cr league. Our organization has exclusive tie-ups with international companies like Q-SEE International, Chiyu Technology Company, Ibex Gallagher and more. We provide security system solutions to industries such as defense, police, banks, hospitals, IT, hotels, embassies and more.

Megha )- What changes has the surveillance industry undergone?

Mr.Pulkit Punj )- Deterring the crime is the new trend rather than just recording it. The major change which the surveillance industry has undergone is that earlier the main aim to install a surveillance system was to record the incident, which was more of a post-event evidence record. Now the surveillance industry has developed pro-active threat detection technologies which not only keep a record of the incidents but also stops it by creating alarms. Thus, Incident recording has shifted to incident reporting.

“At earlier times, Banks and corporations use to opt for basic security systems which invited higher possibilities of potential threat or crimes having a lot of technological and operational deficiencies, whereas now they are ready to invest in intelligent security systems which have video-sound analytics technology.

Also, the focus of the banking security industry has moved to costs and energy conservation, savings costs and energy in their branches by investing in electronic security and autonomous systems.

Megha )- Since AnG India Ltd. is one of the first companies to introduce CCTV Surveillance systems in India, What has been the difference in the challenges in promoting products then and now?

Mr.Pulkit Punj )- Earlier to make the products reach the customer’s, the product knowledge had to be personally imparted to them. Nowadays, we have tech savvy and educated customers who are aware of the market trends and their needs.

Moreover, we have been able to successfully face multiple challenges in the security solutions industry by adapting to new mediums to promote our products such as indulgence in PR and other marketing activities.

Since we are system integrators and solution providers we always have been in the process of system designing which is the extensive side of the business since forever.

Megha )- What has been the growth in the domestic surveillance products with the increase in home security awareness?

Mr.Pulkit Punj )- There has been a pragmatic growth in the home security sector. The reason being recurring home invasion incidents which gave birth to this sector, the end consumer is well aware of basic security systems that a household needs as home security is moving from a luxury service to a mainstream, in the near future it will be a necessity and a part of people’s lifestyle. The consumer’s need to acquire ease, convenience and security is adequately met through the home security solutions and in turn increasing the popularity of the surveillance products in the domestic sector.

Another reason for the tremendous growth in the domestic surveillance products is the technology growing cheaper, lighter and simpler for the consumers to use.

Megha )- Has the company changed its marketing strategy with the change and growth in surveillance industry with time?

Mr.Pulkit Punj )- We have continuously shifted in different mediums of marketing in the field of advertisement. We have also applied a set of various marketing strategies and marketing mixes throughout our journey.

Megha)-What makes you different from your competition?

Mr.Pulkit Punj )- We are unique from our competitors as we extensively execute our security solutions matching them with the high levels of quality services we provide.

“We provide security solutions to the Bank branches and ATM’s present in the remotest locations of the country such as Kargil, Leh, Port Blair and more, also covering urban locations. Our security products and services are currently present in 400 cities across the nation and we provide adept customer care services having 102 service centers in the nation with a backup of more than 400 engineers and technical staff.„

Megha )- What message would you like to give to our readers on behalf of the channel?

Mr.Pulkit Punj )- To opt for an experienced and accomplished security solutions provider who caters customized, effective and pristine security solutions backed up with experienced security professionals, maintaining core technological solutions and innovations.

Megha )- Which have been your best selling products?

Mr.Pulkit Punj )- Our best selling products are; the e- surveillance concept, CCTV solutions, Fire and access control systems, CMS technology and Vehicle monitoring system.


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