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Interview with Mr. Yao, CEO – KingBank: Navigating Quality, Customer-Centricity, and Global Expansion

Interview with Mr. Yao, CEO - KingBank: Navigating Quality, Customer-Centricity, and Global Expansion
Interview with Mr. Yao, CEO - KingBank: Navigating Quality, Customer-Centricity, and Global Expansion

IT Voice: Can you tell us more about KingBank’s journey from its establishment as Shenzhen Qianhai Weishengda E-commerce Co., Ltd. to its current position as a leading hardware peripheral brand?

Yao: KingBank’s journey, well, is one showcasing my passion to the world. Back when I still was some salesperson of hardware peripherals, I’d seen mismatching of quality and pricing. That’s also when I desired to provide my trusted buyers durable goods with the best cost-performance ratio. Digging into the insight on storage devices to support the ever-evolving computers, I created my own place to give out my passion, and born the Shenzhen Qianhai Weishengda E-commerce Co., Ltd., a fast and easy jump start to hopefully grasp and early market share.

But it’s always miles away from putting goals firmly on the ground. I started my business as an agent, engaging in OEM for such leading brands as ADATA. Over 10 years of selling through direct channels, resources like a talent pool and a strong customer base empowered my passion-filled ambition to be specified as a brand, my own brand, KingBank. And it’s ten years old till now. I named it like this to hopefully provide you premium products to fill your bank of storage devices at a friendly budget.

IT Voice: How does KingBank differentiate itself in the market, particularly in the production of solid-state drives (SSDs), memory RAMs, and other portable digital accessories?

Yao: Quality, always quality. That’s what I as a salesperson, a brand holder and a customer care the most. But what’s behind the word quality? One of the most direct proofs of a high-quality storage device remains to be its RMA rate. Over these ten years, we’ve registered a mere 0.3% RMA rate. Closing to 0% is what we are aiming at. So to hold this number as low as possible, we have a great workload to do, from purchasing select parts from a premium origin to developing and sophisticating our own test system to troubleshooting at every angle before a product leaves the factory. Besides, a nice texture to hold would be the cream on the cake, which I suppose is another point to reinforce what quality is.

IT Voice: Could you describe KingBank’s testing process for ensuring the quality and performance of its products? How does it compare to industry standards? What are some of the key advantages of being headquartered in Shenzhen, and how has this location contributed to KingBank’s success?

Yao: Our testing holds two decisive parts. On the one hand, we make sure that all the ICs to be used on the modules have undergone stability tests from the purchase sources before landing on our factories for the surface mounting. On the other, we run the testing of these modules on different platforms, bearing a time span ranging from hours to days. That’s our open secret to high-quality goods: a complete and time-consuming testing process. That’s to say, to answer the other question as well, there might be products without finishing a complete testing process.

Headquartering in Shenzhen has provided KingBank a rich talent pool and the ever-facilitating transportation, which is how take root in building up a brand in and out of China.

IT Voice: You mentioned early exploration of online sales channels like JD.com. How has KingBank adapted its sales and customer service strategies to effectively serve its customers, both domestically and internationally?

Yao: Online shopping especially of electronic products wasn’t that easily available back when I established the company. But then JD.com came with advocating on speed and assurance, the thing that we want for customers. So we start to sell high-quality products at a friendly price tag on a reliable online platform with fast and full delivery, granting a reason-free return within 7 days of purchase. That’s how we’ve snatched up our league of supporters domestically, and will do the same internationally.

IT Voice: How does KingBank incorporate user feedback into its product development process? Can you provide examples of how customer input has influenced product upgrades and designs?

Yao: For questions and problems stated, we keep logging to hatch out an encyclopedia-wise manual, and troubleshoot them in our factory lab. For good ideas, we keep collecting and channeling them to our talent teams for further review and innovation. One fun example, the heatsink design with a Chinese character on was from our customer input pool.

IT Voice: Could you elaborate on KingBank’s philosophy of putting people first, both in terms of prioritizing customers in the business and employees in the workplace?

Yao: On developing and designing products, we factor into what customers care the most, and I think this would be the best explanation on putting people first in the business. And in the workplace, welfare and wellbeing to my employees go before the productivity, such as on-time and enough payroll and agreeable working environment.

IT Voice: What steps has KingBank taken to ensure high-quality goods and satisfying after-sales service, and how has this contributed to the company’s reputation in the market?

Yao: Though I’ve got no count on steps, I do have one core that is to find the problem, and solve it. Keep finding and solving whatever problems you had and will have, so you won’t even know it ever existed. And a satisfying after-sales service is one that’s always ready to meet your need in a nice and timely manner.

IT Voice: Looking ahead, how does KingBank plan to expand its product offerings and global presence? Specifically, what strategies are being considered for entering the Indian market?

Yao: “Think global, act local” is the strategy. We’ll keep providing quality products that meet the global standard with specialized offerings to meet the local market demand based on our research.

IT Voice: Considering the unique challenges and opportunities in the Indian market, what factors will KingBank prioritize in its approach to establishing a presence there?

Yao: Undeniably, the Indian market is diversely huge, which provides us a bunch of opportunities. But still, Chinese brands are taking a rather long and tough path to recognition. However, we will stick to our unswerving offering of high-quality storage products to the Indian market, with exposure boosts from partnerships with local influencers.

IT Voice: How does the company plan to adapt its products and services to meet the needs of Indian consumers?

Yao: Constant research and feedback on the market demand is the key to providing products and services that can satisfy consumers in India. And getting sidekicks in India is obviously significant to unleash the local market firsthand, which is what we are and will keep doing.


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