“UDo is currently bootstrapping its way in to the global markets”-Mr. Teja Gudluru, CEO and Founder of UDo

An exclusive interview with IT.Voice Mr. Teja Gudluru, CEO and Founder of UDo ,reveals his strategies for business in India.

Mr. Teja Gudluru, CEO and Founder of UDo

Nisha Harshwal:- Explain how can customer earn money by UDo –Bring on Demand app?

Teja Gudluru:- UDo mobile app has more  than hundreds of expert in a wide range of categories. The customer can directly connect to the expert  in all important fields like Overseas education, Human Resource and leadership, Corporate Issues, Relationship, Issues related to Interview, Wealth management, Psychological Issues, Fashion & Lifestyle, Cookery and many more. It creates employment opportunity for a lot of people who possess some kind of expertise in one or the other fields . There are students who are experts in their respective fields of study or even troubleshooting tech, there are housewives who have expertise in cookery or house arrangements and decoration. So, rather than sitting idle in home they can also earn by enlisting themselves with UDoUDo‘s payments are processed exclusively through PayTm.

Nisha Harshwal:Can you briefly explain your new mobile app UDo –Expert on Demand climb to the top?

Teja Gudluru:- How many times has someone called a friend for an opinion on something, right before making a choice? But there are times when even a friend can’t make a decision when there are higher stakes involved. Because friends are not experts in everything. Life is beyond just texting for help – UDo helps people get connected to their Udo buddy and get talking!

From travel and relationship advice to handling a difficult boss or career guidance, Udo will have on demand express advice in life’s difficult situations or sometimes, simply someone to give you fashion advice on what to wear for that special date. Udo will have experts to help with anything. We want our users to stop texting and start talking to experts.

Nisha Harshwal:-What are your investment?

Teja Gudluru:- We are of a strong belief that when you believe in your idea and spend your energies on building a strong application, all you need is business  and opportunities to service clients. We are on that journey to make a difference to our clients and users before we ask for funds for expansion. UDo is self funded by the Founders and friends of founders. UDo is currently bootstrapping its way in to the global markets 

Nisha Harshwal: What are your expansion plans ?

Teja Gudluru:- We are expanding our business in international market as well. Recently, we successfully launched this platform in Malaysia market. We have partnered with Digital Edu, a program launched by the Honorable Deputy Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation, Dr. Abu Bakar Muhammad. UDo mobile app is one of the top ten Start – up selected by the Rise conference, one of the Asia’s largest start-up conference. UDo is also making moves to Launch in USA, UK, Europe and GCC countries by the end of 2017, through strategic partnerships.

Nisha Harshwal:-What kind of distribution network you are planning?

Teja Gudluru:- We are educating mass about this app , press release and review of the app. We are already present in Google play store and we are also planning for Apple IOS in near future.

Nisha Harshwal:-Are you planning any more applications for Indian market?     

Teja Gudluru:- Our App is already a hybrid in terms of its application for both the B-C and B-B markets. UDo has the potential to disrupt the Learning and Development space by providing every employee of an organization with a personal Coach/Mentor on Demand. This saves up to 70% of Training costs for companies and also increase productivity of their organization in a more sustainable way. We are focusing on this as a key priority over the next few months 

Nisha Harshwal:-How do you differentiate from your competitors?

Teja Gudluru:-There is plenty of same platform in India as well as in International market. In every platform, customer directly connects with the experts through chat bots or through chat applets. Through UDo mobile app customer, can directly talk to the customer  and they can get real time experience that is not at all in chat bot or chatting with an expert.

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