Sony Xperia And Android 6.0, Marshmallow

Long wait is over as Marshmallow, Google’s next version of Androidits mobile OS Android is here. Also, the next update of the OS is numbered Android 6.0, instead of Android 5.2 as previously expected.

Android Marshmallow will bring seven new features to spruce up your smartphones and tablets (provided they get the update). Here a look of these features…

1) Google Now on Tap

One of the key Android Marshmallow features is Google Now on Tap and Android 6.0 will make it all-pervasive.

You will be able to pull up Google Now to make a quick search across any app while using the smartphone. Just select any section on the screen and Google Now on Tap will pull up relevant information about it.

 2) Chrome Custom Tabs                                                                   With Android 6.0, app makers will be able to integrate Chrome tabs into their apps. However, they will be able to retain the app’s customized look.

 3) Fingerprint support goes inhabitant                                   Google is making fingerprint sensor support native with Android 6.0 and this will add a new security layer to all smartphones. It also allow payment authentication via Android Pay.

4) More battery life enhancements

The company claims to have brought a fix with Android Marshmallow’s Doze feature which will enhance battery life.

In Google’s tests, compared to Android 5.0, Android 6.0’s Doze resulted in two times the battery life on the same device with the same apps.

5) USB Type-C and faster charging

Google is doing away with micro USB and replacing it with USB Type-C. Google’s new Nexus 5X and 6P also come with USB Type-C.

USB Type-C is backwards-compatible, which means that the charging cable can be inserted in the port either way, making it easy for users.

USB Type-C has two other advantages, faster data transfer rates and faster charging.

6) App permissions

With Android 6.0. Marshmallow, Google has rebooted app permissions. It will allow users to accept or deny permissions to apps as when they are updated; for example, if an app you download wants to access your phone-book, you can choose to deny to that requirement while approving the others.

7) Android Pay

Android 6.0 Marshmallow will bring in Android Pay. It is an NFC-based payment system that will compete with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Although launched with Android Marshmallow, it will still be available for devices running on Android 4.4 and above.

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