7 Important Announcements Google’s Expected to Make at I/O

This year, Google has dedicated equal time for both the enterprises as well as the developers, at the two day I/O event scheduled May end. A look at the schedule released by the search major substitutes the fact.


Here are 7 things die-hard Google fans expect to hear at the conference. These are listed in alphabetical order and not in order of importance.

Android for Work

With an eye on the enterprises and large organizations, Google will announce an update to the Android for Work, a move that could help extend its reach into all types of workplaces.

Android M

As per Google, Android M is bringing the power of Android to all kinds of workplaces. Google has been naming its mobile OS versions in alphabetical order, and it’s likely that after Lollipop, its next OS will start with the letter M.

Cloud Messaging

Google is also expected announce Cloud Messaging 3.0, a new version of its push messaging platform.

Games for Chromecast

No one has beaten Google in the games app marketplace so far. And the company wants to retain its dominance in the segment. Therefore, in a bid to enhance the mobile and television experience on multiple screens, and adapting existing game design patterns to a multi-screen interactive format, Google is making more announcements for Chromecast.


As per the I/O schedule released by Google, a session titled The Earth in real time talks about implementing Skybox, the imaging company Google acquired last year for around $500 million. Therefore, expect more announcements around real-time satellite imaging.

Voice commands

Expect more interactivity with new Google apps. The company is expected to announce Voice Access, an application that offers access to Android devices only via voice. This means a voice will now guide you through GPS while you drive, or read out menus in restaurants. The hitch? Google will have work at ensuring the app understands varying accents and dialects.


Google fans can expect more on Polymer 1.0—Google’s UI toolkit at making websites that offer an app feel. Google’s Advanced Technologies and Products group is expected to showcase a wearable at the show. Between, the company is also known to be testing tools to woo developers, and we would hear more about it at the event.

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