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In conversation with Mr.Vikram Mehta- Director, V.R. Infotech

Jahnavi– What all are the core values of the company?

Vikram– Ethical business practices which have been inherited from Generations. Loyalty with the Principals. Motivational leadership of Brothers. Life- long business relationships with a win-win perspective with Vendor and Customers.

Jahnavi– Are there any goals which need to be achieved by TechMatrix? If yes, what are they? 

Vikram– We will extend our reach to c and d class of cities., Government & Educational Institutes, more partners, and new segments. We target new It technology products, protection & Manage services for all and peace for everyone.

Jahnavi– What are the marketing strategies applied by TechMatrix? 

Vikram– Product with quality Service, new features,one price policy, Case Locking, profit at all levels, continuous supply of products and transparency in partnership. The best Products,Monitoring & security level for different types of users without making holes in their pockets keeps our loyal customers with us.

Jahnavi– Considering TECHMATRIX, is a proven, future bound, well-structured distribution house with the infrastructure to co-ordinate all business efforts, including imports and R&D, how would you justify this statement?

Vikram– Across India at all levels, we have partners, there is a Transparent policy which allows every customer served at the best price. We have been an Importer in the IT industry since 1997 with Industry growth. Our vendor relationship also strengthens, it is helping us to update our Infrastructure as per industry norms ,Vendor’s always share their vision with us which we share with our customers. With computer and internet usage increasing, people will buy more PCs and protection. When world class products are made in India, the growth of India will happen from here. All business will grow, and our India will grow too.

Jahnavi– TECHMATRIX believes that selling the product is not the end, in fact it is just the beginning of a long and gratifying relationship with the consumers.’ Can u please elaborate and explain this statement?

Vikram– The best trained workforce, help our customers choose the right product & Solution. The strong support team and best research team keep the products & service  database up to date with latest 24/7 definitions.

Jahnavi– What are the long-term mission and visions of the company? 

Vikram– Our Mission is to be a world class IT products & services provider.

We aim to protect every individual and our goal will remain the same. Protection for all.

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