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In Conversation with Mr. Pawan Kumar- CEO, Elista

Jahnavi– What are the long-term goals of Elista? Are there any set goals that need to be achieved by 2030? If yes, what are they?

Pawan– At Elista, our long-term goals revolve around establishing ourselves as a global manufacturer and expanding our presence across various product categories. By 2030, we have set significant milestones to achieve. We aim to enter two new product categories by the end of 2023, broadening our portfolio and reaching a wider customer base. Additionally, we are determined to commence our manufacturing unit in Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh with an investment of Rs 250 crore and will start producing TVs and LED monitors. We are planning to come up with a dishwasher priced under INR 10,000. Similarly, we plan to disrupt the other segments and become a leading brand in the consumer electronics market.

Jahnavi– What is the core vision of the company?

Pawan– Our core vision centers around positioning India as a prominent player in the global manufacturing ecosystem. We are driven to showcase the capabilities of Indian manufacturers and prove their ability to produce goods that meet international standards. By focusing on manufacturing excellence, we aim to create opportunities for Indian businesses and enhance the country’s reputation as a reliable and high-quality manufacturing destination. For the domestic market, we are focused on building a brand that is known for providing advanced features at an affordable price. We plan to focus on tapping the rural markets and fulfil the expectations of the aspirational Indian consumer.

Jahnavi– What marketing strategies are followed by Elista? How do you think and recognize which strategies are the best for your organization?

Pawan– In terms of marketing, we primarily adopt a digital-first strategy. We leverage online platforms and channels to effectively reach our target audience. However, we also recognize the importance of visibility in retail shops and strategic product placement to enhance brand recognition. By closely monitoring the performance and impact of our marketing initiatives, we can determine the most effective strategies and make informed decisions for our organization.


Jahnavi– What according to you is the core aspect behind every company for its success?

Pawan– According to us, the core aspect behind every company’s success lies in a combination of factors.
Firstly, having a great product that meets the needs and expectations of customers is crucial. Additionally, visibility plays a significant role, ensuring that our brand and products are easily accessible and recognizable. Lastly, providing exceptional service to customers, both before, during, and after the sale, is essential for fostering customer loyalty and satisfaction, contributing to our overall success.
We have a base of approx 15,000 offline dealers across India and online channels across platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Tata Cliq, Payed. We have 350+ distributors channel network across India. This network helps to ensure high customer satisfaction.


Jahnavi– What according to you is the reason behind Elista’s remarkable growth and success in India?

Pawan– Our remarkable growth and success in India can be attributed to two key factors. First and foremost, we place a strong emphasis on maintaining excellent product quality, which has earned us a positive reputation among consumers. By consistently delivering products that meet or exceed expectations, we have gained the trust and loyalty of our customers. Furthermore, our commitment to providing exceptional after-sales service has further enhanced our reputation and customer satisfaction.

Jahnavi– What is the major idea behind Elista? 

Pawan– The major idea behind Elista is to manufacture products in India for the global market. We launched our brand to showcase the impressive manufacturing capabilities of India and expand our presence beyond national borders. In just 30 months since our inception, we have successfully established a presence in 15+ countries, demonstrating our commitment to the core idea of “Make in India for the World”. This global expansion reflects our ambition to contribute to the growth and recognition of Indian manufacturers on a global scale.

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