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In Conversation with Mr. Mohandas Ukkandath- MD   at   Sparr Electronics Ltd , Bangalore

 Jahnavi– How would you say that SEL has been supporting customers in the Electronics and Telecoms industry globally? 

Mohandas– SEL designs and manufactures certain niche products in the market and our customers find great value in these products in terms of Quality and Cost to comparable products, if at all they exist.

Another way is that SEL takes up design and manufacture of products as per the customers specific requirement, which the customer was earlier finding it to hard to get if at all if there was a local supplier or at a much better price point in comparison with their original source.

Jahnavi– What was the major idea behind the company when it was firstly initiated? 

Mohandas– From the very beginning our idea was to do what I mentioned above as that is our core competency and which over the years too has reaffirmed our thinking due to our success and also feedback of our customers.

Jahnavi– Can you let us know how exactly does the OEMs rely on SEL for New Product Introduction (NPI)? 

Mohandas– Most of our existing customers have got their products developed by us or have included a customised version of one of our existing product in to their range. We are able to quickly customise our products against specific needs of our customers as our products and fully developed by us.

Jahnavi– What are the major aims of the company which needs to be achieved in the coming years? 

Mohandas– We intend to continue the same line activity as there is a lot of potential. This is mainly caused by the changing technology landscape and even some due to obsolescence of some technology.

Jahnavi– Considering SEL is a major distributor of hardware and software products for globally well known brands, how according to you this was possible for SEL to achieve such great success? 

Mohandas– Our hardware distribution has taken some what of a backseat as we are pursuing the Make in India paradigm with very strong focus. But we do have very strong relationships with our hardware and software suppliers and are thus able to support our customers as and when they need something which we do not already manufacture.

Jahnavi– What according to you were the actions and results which lead for the long list of happy clients worldwide that you have?

Mohandas– Quality or our products has been very strong focus for us and we feel that this is the single reason our list of happy customers. We go to great lengths and at times even at the cost of our profitability maintain the high quality of products in terms of components that go in our products as well as the process quality. Our field returns are always fraction of a percent.

Jahnavi–  In today`s competitive environment, how will the process of partnering with Sparr Electronics Limited lead to the benefits of the customers? 

Mohandas– Once again here and even though sounding repetitive, we assure our customers high quality products with committed delivery times and long term availability, and all this at a very reasonable cost. This is our commitment to our customers.

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