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In conversation with Mr. Manish Gupta- Co Founder , Argee Digisol LLP

Jahnavi– What was the major idea behind the company before it was initially started? 

Manish– We had started this company in the year 2018. Before that, I gained a lot of work experience in various organisation. 

We had thought to build a company where we would be able to utilize our experience to support System Integrator(SI) who struggle to find right products & Solutions  at right price . We wanted to fulfil that gap and that lead for us to build this company more stronger than ever. 

Jahnavi– Are there any set long term goals planned for the company by the year 2030? If yes, what are they? 

Manish– Yes, we do have a few of the long term goals planned for the company by the year 2030. We are increasing our SI network , as we wanted to be one of best support systems around IT & AV products & Solutions  so that we can provide end-end solutions to our SI network . 

Jahnavi– Considering Argee digisol is a leading Reseller of Audio- Video , Smart classroom & Conference Room Solutions and much more, how do you manage to be in the lead and set examples for the other companies?

Manish– We are continuously working toward bringing new technologies & products so that we can provide latest product & solutions to our SI network. Other than that, we also ensure that all the products are profitable as if we are not making money , will not survive for long. We also educate our SI network for new products & solutions so that they can offer right solution to their customers altogether.

Jahnavi– What are your views for the tech market in 2023? Would you say covid is still playing a huge barrier ? 

Manish– Frankly speaking , 2020-2022 was washed out because of covid , and still the market is not recovered fully. However government spendings are there but other segments are not opened up at desired pace that is leading for the squeezing of the  opportunities to limited set of players. 

 We are hoping 2023 will go as per plan and we will be able to gain immense profits altogether. 

Jahnavi– What are the aims of the company? How do you aim onto achieving them? 

Manish– As a company, one of our major aim is to keep on adding customers & retain to them entirely. In the coming times, we will be more focused on customer service , right & ethical practices etc. This is going to be our mantra for the future. 

Jahnavi– What is the foremost vision of the company which is aspired to be fulfilled as soon as possible? 

Manish– The foremost vision of the company which we aspire to fulfil as soon as possible is that we wanted to be one of best known company to associate with  for all of the employees as well as for our customers.

Jahnavi– What is the growth plan of Argee Digisol LLP? 

Manish– There is no particular growth plan of Argee Digisol LLP , but we sure as well are looking for big leap this year over last year to gain more profits. 

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