ICANN64 | Day 4 – Emerging Identifiers Technology

Exclusive Coverage by Tarun Taunk, Chief Editor ITVoice

This session was to explore evolving or new technologies that may affect the unique identifier ecosystem that ICANN helps coordinate. The covered topics were DNS over TLS (DoT), DNS over HTTPS (DoH), and Decentralized Identifiers, and offered the opportunity to exchange views and questions with experts working on these technologies.

Anyone who was curious about these topics and wanted to know more were invited to join the session with ICANN’s Research team and other invited experts.

The major highlight for the session was “Decentralized Identifiers and Strong Authentication: a brief W3C intro ” by Wendy Seltzer. Everything was explained starting from scratch so as to ensure a more clear understanding of the topic. Further, Paul Hoffman discussed DNS over Secure Transports as mentioned earlier which were the main topics of the session. DNS over TLS and DNS over HTTPS.

The session ended with a questionnaire round between the experts and the attendees to clear the doubts raised in between the presentation.

Session Leader: Adiel Akplogan

Staff Facilitator: Cathy Petersen

Filed in: ICANN

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