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ICANN64 | Day 4 – NextGen Presentations Session

Exclusive Coverage by Tarun Taunk, Chief Editor ITVoice

On the 12th of March, there were two presentation sessions arranged for the NextGen participants one before lunch and one post lunch. In each of the session, 6 NextGen participants gave 5-10 minute presentations on various topics of research they have completed, related to ICANN’s work, or websites they are affiliated with related to ICANN’s work, or thesis projects they are working on.

These presentation sessions help people to learn from others, someone who has expertise in a certain field comes and talks about the work they’ve done or the projects, researches.

In the first NextGen Presentation Session, the participants were :

  1. Nisal Waduge – Free of Speech and Hate Speech and what should be the Government’s role in defining the Boundary line between those
  2. Elliott Mann – Personal Data Protection in Indonesia
  3. Desh Deepak Dwivedi – Precisely (Opportunity Hub for Youth)
  4. Wenkai Jin – ICANNs Social Media Communication in China
  5. Han Bo – How we fight Fake News in China ?—Multistakeholder model developing in China’s Online News area

Post the NextGen Lunch, in the second NextGeN Presentation Session, the participants were:

  1. Jaewon Son – Can the IoT help us avoid disasters?
  2. Korry Luke – Student-run Network Operations
  3. Tuan Anh Do – Decentralized DNS with a case study of Namecoin
  4. Mariko Kobayashi – Cultivating Youth I-G career: My Internship experience at JPNIC
  5. Dikchya Raut- Encouraging participation Of Local Community in Internet Governance
  6. Aisyah Shakirah Suhaidi – MyHelper

Session Leader: Deborah Escalera

Staff Facilitator: Deborah Escalera