March 3, 2021

IBM -A new diver into the sea of mobile services

In order to gain an advantage over its rivals amidst a proliferation of devices like smart-phones and tablets, International Business Machine (IBM) released its expanded mobile strategy.


The company in a statement said that they will be offering a portfolio of products for security, device management as well as analytics and application development to its customers.

By using MobileFirst, the management of the employee’s mobile devices to the creation of a new mobile app can be streamlined, the company claimed.

In order to have a successful future every company needed to be strong in the mobile field, said Lopez research analyst Maribel Lopez.

The future of computing is now based on a bunch of technologies like cloud, mobile and big data, so the condition of the company is said to be critical.

Lopez added that if IBM could actually educate the market that it had, which was a pretty comprehensive mobile suite, then it would position them really well.

Recently, German business software maker SAP was closest in offering an equivalent comprehensive mobile strategy.

For boosting its mobile offering, IBM had made 10 acquisitions since 2006 and the most recent ones were TeaLeaf and Worklight.

Mobile analytics were provided by TeaLeaf and Worklight was used as a maker of development and management software for smart-phones as well as tablets.

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