March 5, 2021

The Apple-Samsung burnout; 4S pushes S III down in last quarter sales

Samsung Galaxy S III has been beaten by the Apple iPhone 4S in worldwide sales of the fourth quarter of 2012.


Reports from the Research Strategy Analytics said that the iPhone5 and iPhone 4S grabbed the first and second position in the top sales list, while Samsung Galaxy S III acquired third place.

Samsung galaxy S III, which was launched in May 2012 clocked 15.4 million units sales and iPhone 4S which was launched in October 2011, bagged 17.4 million units. iPhone 5 touched a 12.6 percent of worldwide sales which is about 27.4 million units.

The smart-phone came into market in September and got 6 million units sales in the third quarter of 2012.

A total of 27.7 percent smart-phone sales were held in comparison to 23.3 percent in the preceding quarter.

As per the analysis, all of the smart-phones got rough sales of 156.8 million units during the same time period while 132.6 million units were sold in the July-September quarter.

In a report, Apple’s iPhone was posted as the second largest smart-phone brand in India in terms of revenue and the fifth largest in terms of volume.

Samsung is still holding a leader position in smart-phones and reported around 12 percent fall in smart-phone profits and shipments in the fourth quarter in comparison to the previous one.