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.iBallSlide i9018: India’s First 9″ Dual Core Tablet

239px-IBall_logo.svgIndia’s tech biggie iBall, known for its innovative and latest technology products has introduced yet another 1stin its Slide range of tablets. iBall i9018 with 9” HD screen is the first Tablet PC in 9” with Dual Core processor. Known for their high performance at competitive prices, the Slide series of tablets has caught the fancy of many corporate and professionals in the country.

Why 9”? – 7” Tablets have been the most popular screen size selling in the market. However, all those using it wish that the screen was bigger to get the best use of the tablet and make it more useful for everyone whether doing work or watching movies or playing games or even browsing the net. Common Screen sizes available bigger than 7” are 9.7” and 10.1”. However these size screen cost are much higher as compared to 7”. 9” screen is introduced in between to offer very high value to the user at much more affordable cost. i9018 iBall Slide is being introduced for below Rs 10000 mark which is a very good and appealing offering for a 9” tablet in this high USD to rupee scenario.

Apart from being the 1st Dual core processor based Tablet in 9” Screen size, it also happens tobe with HD screen (1024×600) to give sharper and clearer picture on the Big screen and Mali 400 GPU is bound to give superb graphic processing to give seamless and smooth video, gaming and graphics. This means that the Slide i9018’s 1GB RAM internal memoryand 8GB big built in flash would have a fast, efficient processor to work with, and with the microSD slot expandable up to 32 GB, there’s no looking back for app lovers.

iBall Slide i9018 is built in with Dual Camera to give complete flexibility to take pictures, capture documents, etc. and the front camera for video chatting.

Working on a big 5000mAh Lithium-ion battery, the i9018 can go on for long hours without the need to be charged. Connect it via Bluetooth to another gadget or use its HDMI port for linking to TV and projectors, this tablet will deliver a consistent performance and can be very useful to all whether professional or home user.Capable of providing lightening 3G speeds through USB dongles, the Slide has it in itself to be the ideal partner for fun-loving professionals on the move. Why fun loving? Well, after all this Android (4.2 Jelly Bean, by the way)dynamo is bound to store dozens of apps for leisure and entertainment.

Commenting on the launch of the iBall Slide i9018, Sandeep Prasrampuria, Director of iBall said, “With growing demand for Tablet PCs, need for bigger size screen size at affordable price is being seen and we are happy to introduce iBall Slide i9018 with 9” HD screen and Dual core processor for the first time in India.”

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